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Cybersecurity events

The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo 2023 kicks off in LondonA meeting of brilliant minds in the field of cybersecurity and cloud technologiesThe Cyber Security & Cloud Expo event will be held in London, with over 6,000 ICT professionals and 150 speakers discussing security and cloud. It is an opportunity for networking and updating on new technologies in the sector.

Advanced synergies: the rise of AI in HPCInnovating scientific research: the duet between artificial intelligence and high-performance computingThe integration between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) is powering research and data. At the SC23 conference we discussed ethical responsibilities, the impact of this union on the future of research and the technical challenges to be addressed.

Digital security: Pakistan and AIAdvanced AI strategies against cyber threat in PakistanExperts in Karachi highlight Pakistan's lag in cyber security and propose the use of AI to prevent cyber attacks with high precision.

Porsche expands its cybersecurity activitiesAutomotive giant Porsche invests in cybersecurity to protect its digital productsPorsche will launch a bug bounty program in October to improve the security of its digital products. External researchers can report vulnerabilities and receive financial reward. Porsche employees are not eligible to participate. Defined response times.

Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023: fighting consumer manipulationDark Pattern Fighting Hackathon: innovative solutions against deception in e-commerce sitesDark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023: Opportunity to Counter Dark Patterns on E-Commerce Platforms. The event promotes innovative apps and software to detect and regulate dark patterns. The best proposals will be rewarded and the final objective is to guarantee safe and transparent navigation for...

Spanish operation against cybercriminals: 34 members arrestedTwist in the investigation: 34 arrests in an operation against cybercrime in SpainSpanish Police have arrested 34 members of a criminal organization specializing in cyber scams, which stole the data of 4 million people and monetized the data. The scammers posed as delivery companies and energy suppliers, and used insiders to divert goods.

Digital cities: security, regulations and rightsDiscussion between experts for a digital city that is safe and respectful of citizens' rightsThe conference in Rome brought together physical and cyber security experts to discuss new digital and secure cities. The main objective of the event was to analyze the impact of technologies on the social life and data protection of citizens. The institutional representatives underlined the importance...

Study opportunities for cybersecurity experts: Cisco offers 1000 scholarshipsCisco invests in training to counter cyber threatsCisco has launched the Cybersecurity Scholarship program to train 1000 cybersecurity experts in Italy for free. The program includes online lessons, webinars and final workshops, with the possibility of obtaining a Cisco Certified Support Technician - Cybersecurity certification. Applications are open...

Japan and eight ASEAN nations strengthen cybersecurity collaborationThe creation of a joint defense network between Japan and ASEAN to address cyber threatsJapan and eight ASEAN countries have agreed to collaborate in the area of cybersecurity to counter alleged cyberattacks and strengthen national cyber defense. The commitment was made during the conference in Tokyo.

Secure Code Warrior presents Devlympics 2023: the competition for the best IT professionalsDevlympics: programming challenges for the best IT developersSecure Code Warrior is organizing the third edition of the Devlympics competition, an event for developers of high-quality, secure code. Participants can measure their skills, climb the global leaderboard, and connect with industry experts to learn and improve.