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Mozambique summit on innovation in cybersecurity 2024

Strategies and innovations at the Cyber Revolution Summit 2024

Traicon Events is organizing the “Cyber Revolution Summit” in Maputo, Mozambique on February 28-29, 2024. The event will bring together cybersecurity experts to discuss topics such as data protection, network security, threat management and more. The aim is to foster cooperation between the public and private sectors in the field of digital security.

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Traicon Events has announced the flagship cybersecurity summit in Mozambique, known as the “Cyber Revolution Summit”, which will be held on 28 and 29 February 2024 in Maputo. The conference will host presentations and round tables by eminent industry specialists from various professional fields, focused on revolutionary topics in the field of cybersecurity, such as data protection and confidentiality, risk management, network security, identification of threats and related intelligence, as well as vulnerability management.

Convergence between Public and Private in digital security

The meeting aims to be an undisputed platform for public-private cooperation, aspiring to gather over 500 qualified representatives such as CISOs, CIOs, heads of cybersecurity, experts in digital transformation, IT infrastructure, information and communication technologies, and others key figures in the domain under consideration, in order to explore together the latest developments and the potential inherent in cyber security.

Exhibitors and patrons at the forefront of the sector

The summit will have the participation of system administrators, IT security solution providers, companies specializing in cybersecurity, data and cloud security, threat management and security and cybercrime software. These attendees will have the opportunity to sponsor the event or exhibit, showcasing their innovative solutions for the future of cyberspace.

Unite for the future of security in Mozambique

Traicon Events invites you to participate in this important event in Maputo, Mozambique, to discuss the future of cybersecurity with participants. For more information regarding the "Cyber Revolution Summit" event, please visit the website.

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12/19/2023 13:01

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