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Cyber ​​attack prevention

Cyber security: the importance of white hatsGuardians of the web: the impact and strategies of experts in defending the webEthical hackers help protect computer systems and networks by discovering vulnerabilities and teaching how to defend against hacker attacks, collaborating on data security.

Cybersecurity strategies compared between Taiwan and JapanStrengthening digital defenses in the information ageTaiwan and Japan strengthen cybersecurity against attacks and disinformation, Taiwan educates about digital, Japan uses AI in defenses.

Breach in biometric verification on PCsSecurity vulnerabilities in fingerprint recognition sensorsRecent research highlights vulnerabilities in the fingerprint sensors of some laptops, which allow unauthorized access. The use of secure protocols such as SDCP is recommended.

Microsoft launches security rewards programEncourage the search for flaws in the security of defender productsMicrosoft has launched the "Microsoft Defender Bounty Program" which rewards up to $20,000 to those who find and report serious errors in its Defender products.

Cybersecurity strategies in the health sectorStrengthen cyber defenses in federal healthcareBiden's executive order promotes cybersecurity in the healthcare sector, with the adoption of zero trust architectures. HHS and CISA have created a security toolkit, and the FDA emphasizes the importance of securing medical devices.

Empathy as a compass in the management of cyber attacksUsing emotional intelligence to sharpen cyber defenses and strengthen human relationshipsThe article explains the importance of empathy in cybersecurity to prevent attacks, facilitate communication, improve training and design intuitive tools.

Network Perception and Claroty: innovative alliance for industrial cybersecurityStrengthening cybersecurity in critical infrastructures through advanced synergiesThe companies Network Perception and Claroty have collaborated to enhance the security of critical infrastructures, integrating their technologies to prevent cyber attacks.

Training course in the universe of cybersecurityFundamental approach and resources for immersion in the world of cybersecurityThe guide illustrates the importance of acquiring skills in cybersecurity, with courses, certifications, virtual laboratories and community support. Learning in this field is a continuous process.

Towards a new era of cybersecurity in ItalyImpacts and strategies in the era of digital transformation for cyber defense in ItalyIn Italy, the public and private sectors are working together to increase cybersecurity awareness and resilience, through events, training and cooperation for a secure digital future.

Security alert: new trends of Russian hackersNew cybercriminal methodologies and digital counterintelligence tacticsRussian groups advance cyber tactics with “Living off the Land” methods to hide in networks, creating security risks. Defense requires proactive techniques and information sharing between IT experts.