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Cyber ​​attack prevention

Cybersecurity for dummies: defend yourself from modern cyber threatsDiscover essential cybersecurity techniques to protect your business from today's most advanced digital threatsCybersecurity protects businesses from attacks such as malware and phishing. "Exploits" exploit technical vulnerabilities, while "cyber-exploitation" affects the private sphere. Cybersecurity protects data and applications, while network security protects networks. Challenges include access management,...

Critical breakthroughs in 2024: new threats to Adobe, SolarWinds, and VMwareCritical vulnerabilities discovered in 2024: urgency for security updates increases for Adobe, SolarWinds, and VMware. Find out how these threats can affect cyber infrastructuresCISA has added new critical vulnerabilities to its catalog, affecting Adobe Commerce, SolarWinds Serv-U, VMware vCenter Server, and OSGeo GeoServer GeoTools. It also issued an advisory for Rockwell Automation Pavilion 8 industrial control systems, highlighting the importance of proactive vulnerability...

Effective plans and strategies to face and defeat a ransomware attackStrategies and tips for companies facing cyber attacks: how to manage negotiations, prepare for incidents and prevent future ransomware threatsThe text discusses negotiations with criminals using ransomware, the importance of preparation and training to deal with such attacks, evaluating whether to pay the ransom, and implementing preventative and recovery measures to mitigate future risks.

Zero-day threat on Android devices: Samsung prepares a crucial updateFind out how Samsung is addressing critical Android vulnerabilities and protecting Galaxy devices from cyber threatsSamsung will release a security patch in August to address a serious zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2024-32896) on Galaxy devices. The vulnerability allows remote code execution. Another flaw (CVE-2024-2974) also needs fixing.

Google Cloud security predictions for 2024: how AI will reshape the cybersecurity landscapeFind out how AI will transform cybersecurity and address geopolitical threats in 2024 according to Google Cloud reportGoogle Cloud's "Cybersecurity Forecast 2024" report predicts the use of AI to broaden phishing and disinformation, but also to improve defense. Highlights threats from the "Big Four" (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran) and attacks on elections and the Paris Olympics.

Critical vulnerability discovered in PHP CGI: how to protect your systems from CVE-2024-4577Find out how a security flaw in PHP CGI threatens your Windows servers and what immediate steps to take to protect yourselfAkamai has discovered a serious vulnerability in PHP (CVE-2024-4577) that allows remote code execution on Windows systems with CGI configurations. Bad actors can exploit it to spread malware and crypto mining attacks. Installing patches and using WAF is critical for protection.

New critical vulnerability discovered in OpenSSH: remote code execution riskFind out how a race condition in recent versions of OpenSSH puts system security at risk: details, impacts and solutions to implement immediatelyA vulnerability in OpenSSH 8.7 and 8.8, identified as CVE-2024-6409, could allow remote code execution. Caused by a race condition in the signal handler, it is a serious risk. Discovered by Qualys, requires immediate patches to mitigate risks.

Apple ID security: prevent phishing attacks with two-factor authenticationLearn how cybercriminals exploit phishing and learn how to defend your Apple ID with simple but effective security measuresApple ID users are being hacked via phishing emails and SMS that appear legitimate. Hackers steal credentials to lock out accounts and access funds. Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) is vital to protecting yourself by avoiding clicking on suspicious links.

Security alert for MSI Center: critical vulnerability discovered in Windows systemsA critical flaw in Windows systems allows limited users to obtain administrator privileges: find out how to protect yourself and what solutions to implement to avoid cyber attacksA vulnerability (CVE-2024-37726) was discovered in MSI Center on Windows, allowing elevation of privilege. Users should update to version to mitigate risks. This flaw can allow total control of the system by attackers.

Operation Morpheus: Europol hits cybercrime hardA vast network of illegal servers discovered and neutralized: the global fight against cyber threats enters a new phaseOperation Morpheus, coordinated by Europol, disabled nearly 600 Cobalt Strike servers used by cybercriminals. Pirated versions of this pentesting tool have been exploited for cyber attacks. Public-private collaboration has been crucial to this success.

regreSSHion vulnerability discovered in OpenSSHLearn how an old vulnerability returns in a new, threatening form and what steps to take to secure your OpenSSH systemsA flaw in OpenSSH, called regreSSHion and identified as CVE-2024-6387, allows remote attacks. This bug is a regression of an old CVE from 2006. Major Linux distributions have released updates to address the issue.

Serious vulnerability discovered in Rabbit R1: all user data at riskVulnerability in Rabbit R1 exposes sensitive API keys. What are the privacy risks?The Rabbitude Group has discovered a vulnerability in the Rabbit R1 AI device that exposes crucial API keys. These keys allow unauthorized access to users' personal data. Rabbit has revoked an API key and is investigating, but has found no evidence of violations so far.

Severe vulnerabilities in Juniper Networks devices: urgent security updatesThe critical issue that exposes corporate networks to serious risks and the immediate measures to be takenJuniper Networks has released security patches to fix a serious vulnerability in Junos OS. This flaw, rated 10.0, allows arbitrary code execution and denial of service. Immediate update is recommended to protect company IT infrastructures.

Alexa is renewed: Amazon focuses on generative artificial intelligence and monthly subscriptionsNew features and economic opportunities to improve the Alexa user experienceAmazon is revamping Alexa with paid versions equipped with generative artificial intelligence. The goal is to make it smarter and more profitable, using it to facilitate purchases on Amazon and introducing monthly subscriptions.

Microsoft fix for critical Wi-Fi vulnerability: urgent updateMicrosoft releases critical security updates to protect Windows devicesMicrosoft has released security updates to address a serious vulnerability (CVE-2024-30078) in Windows Wi-Fi drivers, which allowed remote attacks via public Wi-Fi networks. It is critical to update systems immediately to prevent security risks.

Serious vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook: risk of spoofing in company emailsThe importance of a timely response to mitigate risks associated with security vulnerabilitiesA critical bug in Microsoft Outlook may allow corporate emails to be impersonated, increasing phishing risks. Microsoft initially ignored the report, but is now reviewing the issue. Users are advised to strengthen their cybersecurity.

Burnout among cybersecurity specialists: a growing problemBitdefender study: impact of burnout on staff and emerging challenges in cybersecurityA Bitdefender survey reveals that over 70% of cybersecurity professionals work on weekends, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction. The main threats are phishing, software vulnerabilities and ransomware. Organizations invest in security but current solutions are not adequate.

The impact of CVSS 4.0 in Software Security Vulnerability AssessmentThe evolution of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System and its importance for corporate information securityCVSS 4.0, released on October 21, 2023, is a tool for assessing the severity of software vulnerabilities. It uses 30 variables in four categories: Basic, Threat, Environmental and Supplemental. Helps organizations manage and prioritize vulnerabilities to reduce risk.

Serious vulnerability found in Mali GPU drivers: updates requiredExposure to cyber attacks for Mali GPU devices: immediate corrective actions requiredARM has reported a "use-after-free" vulnerability in Mali Bifrost and Valhall GPUs, which has already been exploited by malicious actors. They recommend quick driver updates to protect devices, especially for those using versions r34p0 to r40p0, patched from r41p0 onwards.

TPM chip vulnerabilities and risks without physical accessTPM chip security under scrutiny: new vulnerabilities and mitigation strategiesA researcher has revealed a vulnerability in TPM chips that allows hackers to access data without physical contact. This flaw affects Intel systems and requires firmware updates that not all manufacturers have implemented. A tool to detect the vulnerability will be available soon.

Serious security flaw in PHP on Windows server in CGI modeCVE-2024-4577 vulnerability details and essential mitigations for PHP servers on Windows in CGI modeDEVCORE has discovered a serious vulnerability (CVE-2024-4577) in PHP on Windows in CGI mode, which allows remote code execution. It affects several versions of PHP and poses a critical risk to servers. Immediate updating of PHP is recommended.

Kali Linux innovations and technical improvements in version 2024.2New tools, GNOME desktop improvements, and Kali NetHunter updatesThe Kali Linux 2024.2 release introduces significant updates, including GNOME 46 and improvements for Kali-Undercover and Xfce. Introduces new hacking and penetration testing tools, along with improvements to Kali NetHunter. Available for various systems and upgradeable with sudo apt update && sudo apt...

Secure Boot: Microsoft updates certificates to address vulnerabilitiesThe impact of Secure Boot certificate revocation and Microsoft's mitigation strategiesMicrosoft will update Secure Boot certificates to address vulnerabilities, potentially rendering older Windows bootloaders unusable. The updates will be distributed via Windows Update, but may cause problems, also requiring UEFI BIOS updates to recognize the new certificates.

Leveraging log data in cybersecurityHow hackers exploit logs to compromise the security of networks and applicationsLogs are files that record system data and network activity. Hackers scan them to discover vulnerabilities, gain administrative privileges, and evade security systems. Administrators must regularly monitor logs to prevent cyber attacks.

Defending credentials: techniques and tools for account security in the digital ageAdvanced strategies and tools necessary to ensure the security of account credentials in the current context of cyber attacksProtecting account credentials is crucial against cyber attacks. Using strong passwords, 2FA, and tools like “Have I Been Pwned” helps prevent breaches. Organizations must adopt security strategies and have a recovery plan ready in the event of a compromise.

Netflix and proactive cybersecurity collaborationStrategic collaboration between Netflix and the ethical hacker community to improve securityNetflix has paid out more than $1 million through its bug bounty program to incentivize experts to report vulnerabilities. This strategy improves the security of the platform and demonstrates the company's commitment to protecting its users.

An uncertain future for cybersecurity in EuropeEuropean initiatives and investments to strengthen cybersecurity and close the skills gapIn Italy and Europe there is a shortage of skills in cybersecurity. Initiatives such as those of ENISA and the G7 community in Rome seek to respond to this challenge. The European Commission invests millions in training and resilience against cyber attacks.

The challenges of digital identity management in the age of cybersecurityThe evolution of IAM solutions to counter modern cyber threatsDigital identity is critical to IT security. Organizations must protect credentials from attacks using technologies such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and biometrics. AI and blockchain are the future for improving the management and security of digital identities.

Security strategies and challenges in modern surveillance camerasSolutions and practices to ensure the cybersecurity of surveillance camerasSurveillance cameras are essential for security, but vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is crucial to update firmware, use encryption, firewalls and security training for users to protect monitored data and environments from unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity strategies for the Paris 2024 OlympicsChallenges and solutions to ensure cybersecurity of global sporting eventsThe article examines cybersecurity for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the importance of data in the sporting world, the solidarity projects of the Yellow Flames and the proposals for an Authority that monitors the accounts of professional clubs in sport.

Netflix addresses a critical vulnerability in its big data orchestration servicesNetflix successfully addresses a critical security flawNetflix has addressed a critical vulnerability in its Big Data services that could allow unauthorized access to sensitive data. The company worked with experts to quickly resolve the issue and continues to invest in advanced security technologies to prevent future risks.

Google vs. Microsoft: cybersecurity battle intensifiesCompetition between giants: Google denounces Microsoft's vulnerabilities and proposes Workspace as a more secure solutionGoogle criticized Microsoft's security after a hack, promoting its own Workspace as an alternative. It also launched aggressive offers to attract customers. Microsoft responded with the "Secure Future" initiative to improve security and regain trust.

Cyber security in the UK: current challenges and response strategiesAn in-depth assessment of current cyber threats and countermeasures in the UKThe UK DSIT's "Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2024" report finds that many businesses and non-profit organizations have suffered cyber attacks, especially phishing. Security measures are still lacking, with concerns about supply chain risks and variable attention to security.

USB devices and advanced tools for cybersecurity testingAnalysis of malicious USB devices and penetration testing toolsRubber Ducky and BadUSB exploit USB vulnerabilities to perform quick scripted attacks. Pineapple WiFi intercepts WiFi traffic by creating cloned networks. The Proxmark3 clones RFID/NFC cards. The Bash Bunny performs advanced USB attacks with custom scripts, useful in security testing.

Understanding Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)Advanced strategies to defend against RaaS threats and reduce business risksRansomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) allows anyone to launch ransomware attacks. To defend yourself, it is essential to educate employees, take regular backups, use advanced security technologies and collaborate with other organizations to share threat intelligence.

CyberArk Enhances Its Capabilities by Acquiring Venafi for $1.54 BillionThe acquisition aims to combine privileged access management and machine identity protection expertise, enhancing the offering of integrated security solutions for enterprisesCyberArk acquires Venafi for $1.54 billion. The integration of Venafi's solutions enhances machine identity security by combining cryptographic keys and certificates with CyberArk's privileged access management, improving enterprise IT protection.

The importance of cybersecurity in web hostingAdvanced security and recovery solutions for optimal data protection in web hostingIn an age of growing cyber threats, security in web hosting services is essential. Key points include 24/7 technical support, use of HTTPS and SSL certificates, and backup and disaster recovery plans to ensure protection and business continuity.

Global threat: serious security flaw discovered in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standardNew flaw in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard exposes the security of global networks to serious risksA team of researchers from KU Leuven has discovered a vulnerability in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard that allows hackers to create fake access points and intercept data traffic. This issue, known as CVE-2023-52424, affects billions of Wi-Fi devices.

Innovative collaboration between Apple and Google to secure user privacyA new standard for detecting unknown trackers on iOS and AndroidApple and Google collaborated to create a standard called “Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers” to alert iOS and Android users when they detect unknown Bluetooth trackers, thus improving privacy protection against unauthorized tracking.

The fundamental aspects of computer security in everyday lifeProtection and prevention: how to safeguard personal data in the digital worldIn a digitalized world, online security is crucial. Signs of attacks include slowdowns and unknown files. Protecting yourself with antivirus, strong passwords and regular updates is essential. Specific insurance policies can offer additional financial protection.

Introduction to Hackbat: revolutionary pentesting toolFind out how Hackbat is transforming the approach to cybersecurity testingThe article introduces Hackbat, a new open source pentesting device based on Raspberry Pi Pico W, used to perform ethical vulnerability testing on computer systems.

Google releases an emergency update for ChromeUrgent update to fix critical vulnerability in Chrome, users advised to install it immediatelyGoogle has released an urgent update for Chrome due to a serious vulnerability, CVE-2024-4671, which allows attackers to execute arbitrary code. We recommend that you upgrade your browser.

Microsoft strengthens cybersecurityNew policies and accountability measures to strengthen cybersecurity at MicrosoftMicrosoft has introduced new security policies, tying executive bonuses to security goals achieved, in response to recent criticism and hacker attacks.

Surge in RedLine infections in 2023 according to Kaspersky LabA detailed analysis reveals the escalation of attacks and sophisticated techniques for stealing personal and financial dataThe article discusses the growth of RedLine malware, a program that steals sensitive data and infected 10 million systems in 2023, accounting for 55% of cyber attacks.

Critical VPN flaw discovered: the TunnelVision attackA new type of DHCP attack threatens the security of VPN networks by exposing user dataResearchers have discovered a vulnerability, called TunnelVision, in VPNs that allows data to be diverted and intercepted using the DHCP protocol. They recommend using personal hotspots and virtual machines to protect yourself.

McAfee introduces update to deepfake detection technologyMcAfee and Intel join forces to address the growing threat of deepfakes with cutting-edge solutionsMcAfee and Intel have improved deepfake detection technology, integrating artificial intelligence into Intel Core processors to increase privacy and performance.

Telegram becomes a playground for Pegasus spyware trafficHighly sophisticated spyware for sale on a popular messaging platform. Apple warns its usersPegasus spyware, created by NSO Group, is now being sold on Telegram by a Russian group for $1.5 million. Apple responded by issuing global security alerts and improving protection strategies for users.

Severe vulnerability in Magento software puts global e-commerce at riskImplications and mitigation strategies for Magento platform usersThe recent bug in Magento, Adobe's e-commerce platform, exposed the data of 160,000 credit cards to security risks. It is essential to regularly update and test your system to protect sensitive information.

The new era of firewalls: between AI and cyber threats in 2024Strengthened security in the digital age: How AI and ML are redefining strategies against cyber threatsIntelligent firewalls, enriched by AI and ML, offer an advanced defense against cyber threats by analyzing network traffic. Increasing cloud adoption, rise in IoT devices, and stringent privacy regulations drive the growth of their market.

CISA and FBI warn about sql injection vulnerabilitiesPreventive measures and mitigation strategies against one of the most serious cybersecurity risksCISA and FBI warn tech companies about the risks of SQL injection, suggesting the use of parameterized queries for security. Despite known countermeasures, attacks persist, highlighting the need for improved security strategies in software.