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Introduction to Hackbat: revolutionary pentesting tool

Find out how Hackbat is transforming the approach to cybersecurity testing

The article introduces Hackbat, a new open source pentesting device based on Raspberry Pi Pico W, used to perform ethical vulnerability testing on computer systems.

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The pentesting sector, otherwise known as penetration testing or ethical hacking, is enriched by a new and intriguing device destined to become a must for information security experts: the Hackbat. This device allows you to carry out vulnerability tests on computer systems by simulating realistic hacker attacks in an ethical and controlled way.

Technical characteristics of the Hackbat device

At the heart of Hackbat we find a Raspberry Pi Pico W microcontroller, based on the RP2040 processor, which guarantees high performance in an extremely compact format. The device is equipped with a variety of useful modules: the PN532 module for managing NFC tags and cards and the ESP-12F chip for connecting to Wi-Fi networks, essential for effective penetration testing. Hackbat is also equipped with a USB port and a microSD slot, useful for memory expansions.

Usability and customization

Hackbat stands out for its intuitive user interface, comprising an OLED display that provides all the information needed during operation and buttons for navigating menus and executing commands. The modular design of the device also allows customization according to the specific needs of the user, making Hackbat adaptable to different use scenarios.

Benefits of open source and responsible use

A significant strength of Hackbat is its open source nature; the hardware schematics and design files were made available by its creator, Pablo Trujillo, allowing anyone to build it themselves. Unlike commercial solutions like Flipper Zero, Hackbat presents itself as a more accessible and customizable alternative. It is essential to remember that, although the possession of these devices is not illegal, their use must be limited to legitimate contexts such as testing the security of your networks or for consultancy assignments, avoiding unethical or illegal practices.

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05/12/2024 11:32

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