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Cyber threats

Introduction to the new SysJoker threatIn-depth analysis reveals evolutions and risks of SysJoker cross-platform malwareA new version of the SysJoker malware has been discovered. It now uses the Rust language to avoid detection and may be linked to hackers associated with Hamas, according to Check Point.

Zero-day network vulnerabilities affect IoT devicesCybersecurity experts reveal new risks for the Internet of ThingsStudio Akamai has discovered two zero-day vulnerabilities in IoT used by criminals to create botnets for DDoS attacks. Security can be improved by changing default passwords.

Google compromise attempt: LummaC2 malware revives cookiesCyber attack strategies are advancing: a potential risk to data securityCybercriminals claim they can "reanimate" expired Google cookies via Lumma malware. The risk is unauthorized access to accounts. Caution advised for users. Google investigates possible vulnerability.

Espionage activities of the russian cyber group APT28Fancy Bear's advanced tactics targeted by cyber security authoritiesA Russian cyber-espionage group, APT28, targets Western entities using advanced, hard-to-detect malware. There is an urgent need for organizations to strengthen their cyber security.

Increase in ransomware groups with multi-point extortionComplex strategies and emerging risks in the ransomware landscapeThe emerging trend in cybercrime is ransomware that uses multiple extortions, such as encrypting data and publishing stolen information. Companies must strengthen security to deal with them.

New security risks for Intel serversCritical flaw revealed in Intel server processing chipsA serious vulnerability has been discovered in Intel server processors, which could allow data attacks. Intel has released updates to fix it but they may slow down systems.

Digital defense: strategies against cyber attacksAnalysis of the latest trends in security and digital defense strategiesCyber attacks are on the rise, especially ransomware that locks data and demands ransoms. It is vital to train people on how to recognize dangers such as phishing and cooperate globally to combat cyber threats.

Expansion of the cyber threat: the case of Imperial KittenAnalysis of tactical evolutions and consequences for global securityImperial Kitten, Iranian hacker group, intensifies cyber attacks. They use social engineering and phishing to steal data. It is crucial to defend yourself with training, monitoring and information sharing in IT.

Security alert: new trends of Russian hackersNew cybercriminal methodologies and digital counterintelligence tacticsRussian groups advance cyber tactics with “Living off the Land” methods to hide in networks, creating security risks. Defense requires proactive techniques and information sharing between IT experts.

CISA alert: increase in DDoS attacks via SSDPMeasures and responses to the growing risk of DDoS attacks using SSDPUS CISA has warned of active exploits on SSDP vulnerabilities for amplified DDoS attacks. Recommends disabling unused SSDPs and configuring networks to prevent abuse.