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The new era of digital vulnerability in Italy

Detailed analysis and preventive measures in the context of the increase in digital crimes in Italy

The article highlights the 80% increase in cybercrime in Italy in the last three years, underlining the risks to minors and national security, and the need to improve cybersecurity.

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A worrying escalation marks the panorama of cybercrime in Italy, with an increase of 80% in the last 3 years which underlines a radical transformation underway in the sector of telematic crimes. This alarming fact reflects how cyberspace has become an environment increasingly threatened by illicit conduct.

Risks for minors and vulnerable people

The users most at risk are minors and vulnerable subjects, who represent preferential targets for cybercriminals. The risk is reinforced by the massive use of technological devices and online platforms, which multiplies the opportunities for exposure to scams, solicitations and theft of personal information. The authorities warn of the consequences of underestimating cyber crime, which can result in significant psychological and material damage for young people.

National security implications

The issue of cybersecurity not only raises private and personal concerns, but extends to a national level. Cyber crimes have a direct impact on the security of state IT systems and the protection of sensitive data. From this perspective, the criminal phenomenon takes on the guise of a threat to the stability and integrity of the country's critical infrastructures, requiring an urgent and incisive regulatory and operational response.

Contrast and prevention strategies

Faced with the escalation of cyber crimes, it is imperative to adopt concrete strategies for combating and preventing them. The focus is on the importance of elevating cybersecurity measures, strengthening cyber defense practices through constant updates, specialized training and collaboration between supervisory entities. The fight against cyber crime must also focus on the digital education of young people, so that they can navigate the virtual world safely and awarely.

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02/13/2024 13:22

Editorial AI

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