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Cyber security: the importance of white hatsGuardians of the web: the impact and strategies of experts in defending the webEthical hackers help protect computer systems and networks by discovering vulnerabilities and teaching how to defend against hacker attacks, collaborating on data security.

Global blow to cybercrime: a major ransomware network has fallenCybercriminal organization busted: a success for global cybersecurityAn international operation has led to the arrest of cyber criminals in Ukraine responsible for ransomware attacks in 71 countries, using advanced malware to extort cryptocurrency payments.

Crisis in aviation: Rosaviatsia targeted by cyberattackCyber attack exposes vulnerability of Russian aviation sectorUkrainian intelligence claims to have hit the Russian aeronautical agency Rosaviatsia with a cyberattack, causing problems for the Russian flight sector, already in difficulty due to sanctions that limit maintenance and spare parts.

Introduction to the new SysJoker threatIn-depth analysis reveals evolutions and risks of SysJoker cross-platform malwareA new version of the SysJoker malware has been discovered. It now uses the Rust language to avoid detection and may be linked to hackers associated with Hamas, according to Check Point.

Cybersecurity strategies compared between Taiwan and JapanStrengthening digital defenses in the information ageTaiwan and Japan strengthen cybersecurity against attacks and disinformation, Taiwan educates about digital, Japan uses AI in defenses.

Zero-day network vulnerabilities affect IoT devicesCybersecurity experts reveal new risks for the Internet of ThingsStudio Akamai has discovered two zero-day vulnerabilities in IoT used by criminals to create botnets for DDoS attacks. Security can be improved by changing default passwords.

The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo 2023 kicks off in LondonA meeting of brilliant minds in the field of cybersecurity and cloud technologiesThe Cyber Security & Cloud Expo event will be held in London, with over 6,000 ICT professionals and 150 speakers discussing security and cloud. It is an opportunity for networking and updating on new technologies in the sector.

CyberLink supply chain intrusion by North Korean hackersCyberLink installer compromise: the sophisticated operation of the Lazarus groupNorth Korean hacker group Lazarus attacked Taiwan's CyberLink company, spreading malware through altered company software. Microsoft detected the attack and notified affected users.

Breach in biometric verification on PCsSecurity vulnerabilities in fingerprint recognition sensorsRecent research highlights vulnerabilities in the fingerprint sensors of some laptops, which allow unauthorized access. The use of secure protocols such as SDCP is recommended.

Microsoft launches security rewards programEncourage the search for flaws in the security of defender productsMicrosoft has launched the "Microsoft Defender Bounty Program" which rewards up to $20,000 to those who find and report serious errors in its Defender products.