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Cyber attack interrupts Euro 2024 live broadcast

Interruption of the live streaming of a Euro 2024 match: TVP under DDoS attack

A DDoS attack hit broadcaster TVP during a 2024 European Football Championship match between Poland and Austria, interrupting the broadcast. TVP acted quickly to restore service. The attack is suspected to have come from Russia. Preventive measures are in place for future events.

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According to news reported by the Reuters agency, an important Polish television broadcaster was the target of a cyber attack during the live streaming of a match of the 2024 European football championship. The broadcaster in question, TVP, confirmed in a post official on its X channel that was targeted by a series of DDoS attacks in a matter of minutes. The high volume of requests knocked the channel out of service, interrupting transmission. The incident occurred on Friday 21 June, during the match between Poland and Austria.

TVP apologizes and intervenes promptly

Following the attack, TVP issued a statement apologizing for the "technical problems" that had occurred, guaranteeing that it had intervened promptly to mitigate the effect of the cyberattack and restore the interrupted service as quickly as possible. This prompt action allowed the broadcaster to limit inconvenience to the public, eager to follow the sporting events of the tournament. TVP's responsiveness demonstrated the importance of having security measures ready to go in case of cyber attacks.

Hypotheses on the origins of the attack

Preliminary investigations suggest that the DDoS attack may have come from an IP address located in Poland. However, Poland's deputy minister of digital affairs, Pawel Olszewski, expressed his belief that the hackers responsible are of Russian origin, despite a lack of concrete evidence. Olszewski said the attackers' goal was to "prevent Polish citizens from watching the match online." The deputy minister underlined that, thanks to the rapid response of the security services, the attack was effectively repelled, avoiding more serious consequences, given the importance of the event for the Polish public.

Preventive measures for future attacks

To avoid further disruption during the tournament, TVP has decided to launch an alternative platform for broadcasting subsequent matches, including the next match between Poland and France. International sporting events are often targeted by cybercriminals to cause large-scale disruption and damage. This case highlights the importance of having robust defense strategies in place to protect live broadcasts from DDoS attacks and other cyber threats, to ensure viewers have an uninterrupted experience.

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06/26/2024 08:07

Marco Verro

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