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Last pills

Serious vulnerability found in Mali GPU drivers: updates requiredExposure to cyber attacks for Mali GPU devices: immediate corrective actions required

Cyber threat to the Italian Ministry of Defense: critical access for sale on underground forumsRisks and implications of selling compromised access in cybercrime

Breach of cloud services: large-scale attack against Snowflake customersInvestigations detect large-scale cyber attacks leveraging compromised credentials and advanced intrusion tools

Investigation into Facebook data breach and Akira ransomwareCybersecurity challenges: from the latest Facebook breach to the Akira ransomware threat

Cyber threats

A new LPE exploit for Windows for sale in the undergroundA new local privilege escalation threat for Windows in the underground forums

KeyPlug backdoor identified: alarm for Italian industriesTinexta Cyber reveals the technical details of the dangerous KeyPlug backdoor and its implications for the security of Italian businesses

Critical failure in Check Point VPN solutions: risks and security measuresExposure of enterprise systems: urgent updates and patches to protect networks

Massive cyberattack on Windstream home routersAn analysis of the devastating cyber attack on Windstream routers and the techniques used by the cybercriminals

Cyber ​​incidents

Data breach: 560 million users involvedHow to protect yourself from the consequences of a major data breach

Ransomware attack on Synnovis: London health services in crisisSevere disruption to pathology and diagnostic services in London

Google cloud error wipes out $135 billion in accountsImplications and countermeasures of a Google cloud configuration error

DDoS attacks and legal challenges test the Internet ArchiveThe technical and legal challenges faced by the Internet Archive: between cybersecurity and copyright battles

Cyber ​​attack prevention

Kali Linux innovations and technical improvements in version 2024.2New tools, GNOME desktop improvements, and Kali NetHunter updates

Secure Boot: Microsoft updates certificates to address vulnerabilitiesThe impact of Secure Boot certificate revocation and Microsoft's mitigation strategies

Leveraging log data in cybersecurityHow hackers exploit logs to compromise the security of networks and applications

Defending credentials: techniques and tools for account security in the digital ageAdvanced strategies and tools necessary to ensure the security of account credentials in the current context of cyber attacks

Cybersecurity legislation

The evolution of privacy: the key role of the GDPR and the Data Protection OfficerAn in-depth analysis of the implications of the GDPR for the management of personal data

Implementation and management of personal data security in organizationsChallenges and strategies for the data controller

Legislative changes on cybersecurity: new sanctions and notification obligationsNew regulations to strengthen cybersecurity in public administrations and the private sector

An EU step forward against cyber stalkingNew EU measures to tackle gender-based violence and strengthen protection for victims

Cybersecurity events

Botswana Cyber Revolution Summit 2024 announcementGlobal experts gather to define the future of cybersecurity in the heart of Africa

Announcement of CYBSEC-EXPO, new cybersecurity fairMediapoint & Exhibitions inaugurates an event focused on the latest IT security solutions at an international level

Strategies and developments for the future of innovation in ItalyTowards a more innovative and safe Italy: advancement strategies and future challenges

Career opportunities in Italian intelligence: entering the heart of securityFind out how to join the intelligence forces and contribute to national security