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Cyberespionage revealed: China's extended digital surveillanceMassive digital surveillance and influencing operation operated by Chinese entities discovered

Eighth edition of CYSEC Qatar: a successful cybersecurity summitA crossroads of ideas and innovative solutions for cybersecurity in the heart of the Middle East

Cyber Security & Cloud Congress: innovations in cyber security and cloudHigh-level meetings to define the future of digital protection and cloud infrastructures

LockBit's response to FBI actionsLockBit's technological revenge: post-attack updates and awareness

Cyber threats

LockBit's tenacious activity despite global investigationsChallenges and countermeasures in the war against the LockBit cyber criminal group

KeyTrap: DNSSEC flaw discovered by researchersThe vulnerability puts the stability of DNSSEC at risk

New wave of ransomware targets IT infrastructuresCyber security on alert: new risks for virtualized infrastructures

The new era of digital vulnerability in ItalyDetailed analysis and preventive measures in the context of the increase in digital crimes in Italy

Cyber ​​incidents

New series of DDoS attacks hit Italian IT infrastructuresCyber attacks persist: CNS and main infrastructures targeted by hacktivists

Ransomware paralyzes over 100 hospitals in RomaniaImpact of the cyberattack on the national healthcare system and actions taken

Data integrity compromised in known VPNSecurity and data privacy implications of vulnerabilities in ExpressVPN

National security breached: chinese hackers infiltrate Dutch MODThe cyber incursion undermines the integrity of Dutch systems and raises global security issues

Cyber ​​attack prevention

Record investments in cybersecurity in ItalySurge in IT security investments in response to advanced digital threats

IT security: fundamental pillars in the digital ageThe advanced defense against digital threats in the corporate structure

North Korea: new strategies in cryptoasset launderingAdvanced concealment strategies for illicit funds in the cryptocurrency industry

Microsoft intervenes on software vulnerabilities with new fixesCritical security update for Windows operating systems

Cybersecurity legislation

Avast fined for illegitimate sale of web dataFines and restrictions imposed on cybersecurity company for misuse of personal data

Pact between technology companies against electoral manipulationJoint technology initiative to preserve the integrity of democratic voting

Cyber Resilience Act: updates in the worksInnovations in the IT security landscape: The CRA and its impacts on the digital device market

Meta takes on spy software companiesMeta initiatives for the protection of online privacy

Cybersecurity events

Security Summit 2024: cybersecurity meets in MilanMilan becomes a stage for innovation in cybersecurity

Cyber security & cloud congress 2024: synergy between expertsCutting-edge innovations and strategies in the cybersecurity and cloud landscape

The CYSEC Qatar Cybersecurity Summit 2024Innovation and security in the spotlight at the next cybersecurity conference in Doha

Mozambique summit on innovation in cybersecurity 2024Strategies and innovations at the Cyber Revolution Summit 2024