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Security strategies and challenges in modern surveillance camerasSolutions and practices to ensure the cybersecurity of surveillance cameras

Cybersecurity strategies for the Paris 2024 OlympicsChallenges and solutions to ensure cybersecurity of global sporting events

Implementation and management of personal data security in organizationsChallenges and strategies for the data controller

Netflix addresses a critical vulnerability in its big data orchestration servicesNetflix successfully addresses a critical security flaw

Cyber threats

"Emerging Threat: Social Media Platforms Vulnerable to New Exploit"New critical exploit discovered that threatens the security of millions of users of social platforms

Dirty Stream: Microsoft identifies new attack on AndroidA new cyber threat threatens the security of Android users through compromised applications

The Akira phenomenon: analysis of the ransomware that shook 2023An in-depth analysis of the impact and techniques of the most dangerous ransomware of 2023

Kapeka: the new cyber threat from RussiaDiscovering and analyzing a new global cybersecurity challenge

Cyber ​​incidents

Google vs. Microsoft: cybersecurity battle intensifiesCompetition between giants: Google denounces Microsoft's vulnerabilities and proposes Workspace as a more secure solution

LockBit: infiltration into the systems of the University of SienaAn overview of the cyber attack on the University of Siena and the implications for academic security

Black Basta hits Synlab: analysis of the attack and cybersecurity lessons for the healthcare sectorCyber defense strategies: how to protect healthcare infrastructures from ransomware

Leak of sensitive data from Europol according to hacker claimsArtificial intelligence and preventive measures at the center of the cybersecurity debate

Cyber ​​attack prevention

Cyber security in the UK: current challenges and response strategiesAn in-depth assessment of current cyber threats and countermeasures in the UK

USB devices and advanced tools for cybersecurity testingAnalysis of malicious USB devices and penetration testing tools

Understanding Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)Advanced strategies to defend against RaaS threats and reduce business risks

CyberArk Enhances Its Capabilities by Acquiring Venafi for $1.54 BillionThe acquisition aims to combine privileged access management and machine identity protection expertise, enhancing the offering of integrated security solutions for enterprises

Cybersecurity legislation

Legislative changes on cybersecurity: new sanctions and notification obligationsNew regulations to strengthen cybersecurity in public administrations and the private sector

An EU step forward against cyber stalkingNew EU measures to tackle gender-based violence and strengthen protection for victims

Implications and repercussions of the serious cyberattack on the Lazio NHSConsequences and punitive measures after the ransomware attack that brought the regional healthcare system to its knees

Appeal for maintaining sovereignty in the European cloudEuropean ICT industry fighting for cloud certification that guarantees autonomy and data protection

Cybersecurity events

Botswana Cyber Revolution Summit 2024 announcementGlobal experts gather to define the future of cybersecurity in the heart of Africa

Announcement of CYBSEC-EXPO, new cybersecurity fairMediapoint & Exhibitions inaugurates an event focused on the latest IT security solutions at an international level

Strategies and developments for the future of innovation in ItalyTowards a more innovative and safe Italy: advancement strategies and future challenges

Career opportunities in Italian intelligence: entering the heart of securityFind out how to join the intelligence forces and contribute to national security