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Last pills

Hackers trick Outlook by showing fake AV scansA sophisticated obfuscation technique tricks Outlook users with virus scanning scams

$17 million contract for Xage cybersecurity for Space Force networksA new milestone for cybersecurity: Xage partner of the Space Force

Launch of cybersecurity and IT apprenticeship program at University of Maine at AugustaA new approach to apprenticeships: smart investments for growth in IT and cybersecurity

Growing threat: Russian cyber warfare operations in UkraineThe increase in Russian attacks highlighted in the report of the Ukrainian cyber defense organization

Cyber threats

Ransomware Knight: the digital threat affecting ItalyThe serious threat that puts the security of Italian companies at risk: Ransomware Knight

The need to acquire new skills to deal with artificial intelligenceLabor market transformation in the context of generative AI: challenges and opportunities

VenomRAT malware spread via fake WinRAR PoCA dangerous exploit exploiting WinRAR RCE vulnerability spreads VenomRAT malware

New HTTPSnoop malware attacks telecom providersA new cyber attack threatens the security of telecom companies with the HTTPSnoop malware

Cyber ​​incidents

China's offensive cyber operations in Africa to support soft power effortsChina's growing threat: cyber infiltration into Africa to consolidate its digital dominance

China accuses the United States of a long campaign of cyber espionage against Huawei's serversRevealing investigation: details of cyber attacks against Huawei revealed by China's Ministry of State Security

Microsoft AI inadvertently exposed 38TB of sensitive data: lessons to be learnedThe consequences of data breaches and implications for corporate cybersecurity

Cyber espionage: Earth Lusca uses new Linux malwareA sophisticated cyber espionage attack endangers the security of Linux networks

Cyber ​​attack prevention

Apple fixes 3 more zero-day security issuesCritical updates to protect Apple users from zero-day attacks

Signal prepares for the era of quantum attacksThe race for secure encryption: Signal prepares for the challenges of the digital future

Data security: traditional data centers vs cloud environmentsData security: a comparative evaluation of traditional data centers and cloud environments

Zero Trust security: the importance of assigning the level of trust to corporate usersThe challenge of cybersecurity in the era of mobility and multi-device access

Cybersecurity legislation

Rohan Massey's role in the tech industryMassey's key role in cyber breach management and regulatory compliance in the technology sector

The Pentagon's 2023 strategy: enhance cybersecurity for allied countries and defend critical infr...The DoD's new strategy for enhancing cybersecurity and protecting critical infrastructure

What's new in the National Institute of Standards and Technology's brand new CMF frameworkNew updates and performance metrics in NIST's Cybersecurity Framework 2.0

The new Machinery Regulation and its importance in industrial cybersecurityThe impacts of the Machinery Regulation on the protection of company data and the management of IT risks

Cybersecurity events

CYSEC 2023: cyber security in an increasingly interconnected worldThe new challenges in data protection and the search for innovative solutions

Digital Identity & Authentication: a new approach to cybersecurityNew perspectives for data protection in the digital identity era

The digital war: cyber attacks from Russia threaten ItalyThe need for a strategic response: Italy and the emerging cyber front

Cybersecurity excellence Awards 2024: applications openThe prestigious opportunity to be recognized for excellence in cybersecurity