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Last pills

Cyber security: the importance of white hatsGuardians of the web: the impact and strategies of experts in defending the web

Zero-day network vulnerabilities affect IoT devicesCybersecurity experts reveal new risks for the Internet of Things

The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo 2023 kicks off in LondonA meeting of brilliant minds in the field of cybersecurity and cloud technologies

CyberLink supply chain intrusion by North Korean hackersCyberLink installer compromise: the sophisticated operation of the Lazarus group

Cyber threats

Google compromise attempt: LummaC2 malware revives cookiesCyber attack strategies are advancing: a potential risk to data security

Espionage activities of the russian cyber group APT28Fancy Bear's advanced tactics targeted by cyber security authorities

Increase in ransomware groups with multi-point extortionComplex strategies and emerging risks in the ransomware landscape

New security risks for Intel serversCritical flaw revealed in Intel server processing chips

Cyber ​​incidents

Denmark the target of a massive cyber attack by Russian hackersContrast and defense strategies in the era of international cyber offensives

Security breach at Toronto librariesCrisis management and post-accident containment measures

IT crisis in a leading company in the banking sectorThe emergence of new risks for the global financial system following cyber-attacks

Cyber-espionage campaign impacts Israeli hi-tech sectorChallenges in cyberspace: the battle to defend Israeli trade secrets

Cyber ​​attack prevention

Breach in biometric verification on PCsSecurity vulnerabilities in fingerprint recognition sensors

Microsoft launches security rewards programEncourage the search for flaws in the security of defender products

Cybersecurity strategies in the health sectorStrengthen cyber defenses in federal healthcare

Empathy as a compass in the management of cyber attacksUsing emotional intelligence to sharpen cyber defenses and strengthen human relationships

Cybersecurity legislation

WeChat and Kaspersky apps banned on government devices in CanadaA necessary action to ensure the integrity of sensitive Canadian government data

Joint operation dismantles Ragnar Locker ransomware groupThe dangerous ransomware group has fallen: news of an unprecedented international operation

Spanish operation against cybercriminals: 34 members arrestedTwist in the investigation: 34 arrests in an operation against cybercrime in Spain

Japan and eight ASEAN nations strengthen cybersecurity collaborationThe creation of a joint defense network between Japan and ASEAN to address cyber threats

Cybersecurity events

Advanced synergies: the rise of AI in HPCInnovating scientific research: the duet between artificial intelligence and high-performance computing

Digital security: Pakistan and AIAdvanced AI strategies against cyber threat in Pakistan

Porsche expands its cybersecurity activitiesAutomotive giant Porsche invests in cybersecurity to protect its digital products

Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023: fighting consumer manipulationDark Pattern Fighting Hackathon: innovative solutions against deception in e-commerce sites