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Cybersecurity for dummies: defend yourself from modern cyber threatsDiscover essential cybersecurity techniques to protect your business from today's most advanced digital threats

Effective plans and strategies to face and defeat a ransomware attackStrategies and tips for companies facing cyber attacks: how to manage negotiations, prepare for incidents and prevent future ransomware threats

Checkmate the criminal networks: the Interpol operation that reveals the invisibleFind out how Operation Interpol exposed digital fraudsters and traffickers through extraordinary global collaboration, seizing luxury goods and false documents

Google Cloud security predictions for 2024: how AI will reshape the cybersecurity landscapeFind out how AI will transform cybersecurity and address geopolitical threats in 2024 according to Google Cloud report

Cyber threats

Apple raises alarm about new cyber threats: the challenge of mercenary spywareHow Apple addresses new digital threats: tools, collaborations and measures to protect user privacy in an increasingly interconnected world

Discovery of an AiTM attack campaign on Microsoft 365A detailed exploration of AiTM attack techniques and mitigation strategies to protect Microsoft 365 from advanced compromises

Apple ID security: prevent phishing attacks with two-factor authenticationLearn how cybercriminals exploit phishing and learn how to defend your Apple ID with simple but effective security measures

Operation Morpheus: Europol hits cybercrime hardA vast network of illegal servers discovered and neutralized: the global fight against cyber threats enters a new phase

Cyber ​​incidents

AT&T: data breach discovered that exposes communications of millions of usersDigital security compromised: learn how a recent AT&T data breach affected millions of users

Cybersecurity in crisis: consequences of the mega data theft in a Chinese travel agencyMassive travel data theft uncovered: How hackers breached the defenses of a popular Chinese travel agency, possible legal repercussions, and future defense strategies

The hidden truth: the cyber attack on OpenAI and its consequencesThe cyberattack that OpenAI kept hidden discovered: implications, criticisms and the future of AI security

Ethereum mail list breach: large-scale phishingLearn how cybercriminals targeted Ethereum users with a sophisticated phishing campaign, and what security measures have been implemented to prevent future threats

Cyber ​​attack prevention

Critical vulnerability discovered in PHP CGI: how to protect your systems from CVE-2024-4577Find out how a security flaw in PHP CGI threatens your Windows servers and what immediate steps to take to protect yourself

New critical vulnerability discovered in OpenSSH: remote code execution riskFind out how a race condition in recent versions of OpenSSH puts system security at risk: details, impacts and solutions to implement immediately

Security alert for MSI Center: critical vulnerability discovered in Windows systemsA critical flaw in Windows systems allows limited users to obtain administrator privileges: find out how to protect yourself and what solutions to implement to avoid cyber attacks

regreSSHion vulnerability discovered in OpenSSHLearn how an old vulnerability returns in a new, threatening form and what steps to take to secure your OpenSSH systems

Cybersecurity legislation

GDPR scandal: Vinted under investigation for serious user data breachesTransparency issues and misuse of data: Vinted in the crosshairs of European data protection authorities

Italy: the new DDL Cyber lawNew rules for cybersecurity: strengthening defense and awareness in the digital sector

The evolution of privacy: the key role of the GDPR and the Data Protection OfficerAn in-depth analysis of the implications of the GDPR for the management of personal data

Implementation and management of personal data security in organizationsChallenges and strategies for the data controller

Cybersecurity events

Meet experts and innovations at the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europa 2024 in AmsterdamInnovative concepts and unique opportunities: discover the best of cybersecurity and cloud computing

The importance of the CyberDSA event for digital security in Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia's leading cybersecurity event between international cooperation and technological innovation

Botswana Cyber Revolution Summit 2024 announcementGlobal experts gather to define the future of cybersecurity in the heart of Africa

Announcement of CYBSEC-EXPO, new cybersecurity fairMediapoint & Exhibitions inaugurates an event focused on the latest IT security solutions at an international level