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Last pills

Security flaws: Microsoft Defender and Kaspersky exposedRisk of false positives and data deletion in environments protected by security solutions deemed reliable

New developments and Microsoft solutions against the Spectre v2 attack on WindowsMitigation strategies and configuration recommendations for Windows users

The complexity of the fight against digital piracy in ItalyTechnical and legal challenges in blocking online piracy using IP and CDN filtering systems in Italy

Career opportunities in Italian intelligence: entering the heart of securityFind out how to join the intelligence forces and contribute to national security

Cyber threats

Telecommunications security: flaw exposes conversations and 2FA to the risk of interceptionRisk of privacy violation through call diversion: measures and industry responses

iPhone security alert: new spyware foundApple tightens security measures for iPhone users

Serious vulnerability discovered in D-Link NAS devicesHigh risk of cyber attacks for thousands of outdated NAS devices

Risks in open source: the case of the vulnerability in XzThe malicious incursion demonstrates the challenges in security of open source projects, prompting improvements in vetting practices

Cyber ​​incidents

Hacker attack impacts Microsoft and US federal agenciesNational security implications and strategic responses to credential theft

Preventing phishing attacks: crucial insight from the LastPass teamAn attentive employee averts an advanced phishing attempt through vigilance and alertness

Security alert for gamers: cyberattacks on Activision platformsActivision players in the crosshairs: the alert is growing for infiltration and data theft through third-party software

Piracy Shields code revealed: amidst criticism and vulnerabilityPiracy Shields cybersecurity under attack reveals critical issues and sparks debate about web censorship

Cyber ​​attack prevention

The new era of firewalls: between AI and cyber threats in 2024Strengthened security in the digital age: How AI and ML are redefining strategies against cyber threats

CISA and FBI warn about sql injection vulnerabilitiesPreventive measures and mitigation strategies against one of the most serious cybersecurity risks

Cloud security alert: AWS fixes serious flaw in Apache AirflowAmazon Web Services intervenes promptly to neutralize security flaws in the well-known service

ArtPrompt: the new frontier of hacking with ASCII artHow the ancient art form transforms into a tool to bypass AI security filters

Cybersecurity legislation

Implications and repercussions of the serious cyberattack on the Lazio NHSConsequences and punitive measures after the ransomware attack that brought the regional healthcare system to its knees

Appeal for maintaining sovereignty in the European cloudEuropean ICT industry fighting for cloud certification that guarantees autonomy and data protection

International sanctions for digital espionage linked to ChinaPunitive measures against cyber-espionage: Chinese entities and individuals targeted by the US and UK

National Cybersecurity Strategies: a boost to Cloud modernizationToward a resilient digital future: cloud modernization and security for federal agencies

Cybersecurity events

Innovation and networking: G2E Asia and Asian IR Expo 2024Reference platform for gaming innovation and sustainable hospitality in Asia

Cyber security revolution: India's 2024 summitA key gathering for IT experts and leaders to shape the future of digital security in Asia

Angola Cyber Security Summit 2024Cybersecurity experts gather to define the future of digital protection in Angola

Eighth edition of CYSEC Qatar: a successful cybersecurity summitA crossroads of ideas and innovative solutions for cybersecurity in the heart of the Middle East