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Italy: the new DDL Cyber law

New rules for cybersecurity: strengthening defense and awareness in the digital sector

The Cyber DDL, approved in Italy, strengthens IT security with operational measures, continuous training and awareness. It promotes collaboration between entities and allocates funds to improve IT infrastructures, supporting research, development and innovation in the field of cybersecurity.

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The bill called DDL Cyber has finally been approved by the Italian institutions, marking an important progress in the field of cybersecurity. The undersecretary of the Prime Minister's Office, Alfredo Mantovano, expressed great satisfaction with this result, underlining how the legislation represents a crucial step towards providing the country with adequate operational tools to deal with cyber attacks. The law aims to strengthen the national defense infrastructure against digital threats, aiming to protect strategic assets and sensitive information of public and private institutions.

Operational improvements

One of the strengths of the Cyber DDL consists in the introduction of concrete operational measures. In fact, coordinated actions are envisaged between various national bodies, thus improving the ability to respond to IT security incidents. This coordination will be facilitated by an integrated communications network that will allow rapid sharing of information regarding threats and vulnerabilities. The goal is to ensure greater infrastructure resilience through a timely and well-organized response to any attempted intrusion or sabotage.

Training and awareness

In addition to the technical aspects, the Cyber DDL also provides for a strengthening of training and awareness activities. The law requires continuous training programs for public and private employees, aimed at increasing awareness of cyber threats and the preventive measures to be adopted. Furthermore, awareness campaigns aimed at citizens will be organized, with the aim of promoting a culture of cybersecurity that involves all levels of society. This inclusive approach is essential to building a robust and shared defense against cyber threats.

Resources and investments

Another fundamental pillar of the Cyber DDL concerns the economic resources allocated to cybersecurity. Significant funds have been allocated to upgrade IT infrastructure and to support research and development of new defense technologies. These investments will allow us to keep pace with the evolution of cyber threats and ensure proactive protection. Furthermore, the law encourages public-private collaboration, encouraging innovation and the adoption of advanced solutions in the field of cybersecurity. This joint effort aims to create a secure and innovative ecosystem, capable of effectively responding to the challenges of the digital world.

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06/20/2024 09:17

Marco Verro

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