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Hacker attack compromises Ticketmaster: the value of the theft exceeds 22 billion dollars

Sensitive data and millionaire tickets in the hands of the ShinyHunters group

A devastating hacker attack by the ShinyHunters group hit Live Nation and Ticketmaster, stealing data on 193 million tickets, including 440,000 for Taylor Swift, with a total estimated value of $22.7 billion.

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A devastating hack hit Live Nation and Ticketmaster, proving to be much more significant than initially estimated. The group behind the crime, known as ShinyHunters, said in a specialized forum that they were in possession of codes for as many as 193 million tickets, including 440,000 for Taylor Swift's world tour. According to ShinyHunters estimates, the total value of the stolen tickets is around 22.7 billion dollars. Only those relating to the famous singer Taylor Swift have an estimated value of around 4.4 billion dollars. As a result, the group decided to increase the ransom demand from $1 million to $8 million, despite Live Nation having already agreed to pay the initial sum to quickly resolve the incident.

Details on information stolen from ShinyHunters

ShinyHunters also revealed further details about the compromised data, painting a very worrying picture. According to the information provided, the group is in possession of 983 million sales receipts, 680 million order summaries and 440 million unique email addresses. Among the stolen data, there are also 4 million complete records, excluding duplicate ones, and 560 million detailed Address Verification System (AVS) reports. Additionally, ShinyHunters obtained partial, encrypted information related to 400 million credit cards, along with 1.2 billion records used by Ticketmaster's customer service and authentication and verification systems.

Quantity and value of stolen data

The attack occurred about a month ago; even then, ShinyHunters had leaked that the digital loot was substantial. The stolen database totals approximately 1.3 TB, further highlighting the severity of the intrusion. ShinyHunters has established itself as one of the most prolific hacker groups in recent years, claiming over 50 high-profile cyberattacks or providing extremely convincing evidence of their participation. The group has demonstrated a remarkable ability to exploit company vulnerabilities, causing significant economic and reputational damage.

Motivations and behaviors of ShinyHunters

Preliminary investigations indicate that ShinyHunters' actions are driven solely by economic motivations. There appears to be no evidence of government affiliations or involvement in state espionage operations. The group operates with a methodology that favors the theft and rapid monetization of stolen information. This focus on profit distinguishes ShinyHunters from other cybercriminal groups that often have political or ideological objectives. The situation remains critical for Ticketmaster and Live Nation, who will face severe legal and security consequences for allowing a breach of this magnitude.

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07/06/2024 11:38

Marco Verro

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