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iPhone security alert: new spyware found

Apple tightens security measures for iPhone users

Apple has warned iPhone users in 92 countries about spyware attacks that try to compromise devices remotely. They recommend keeping iOS up to date, using Lockdown Mode, and offer support through Amnesty International.

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Apple has issued a warning to iPhone users in 92 countries targeted by cyberattacks. Affected users received an email notification, as reported by Reuters, informing them that remote access to their devices had been attempted. “Apple has detected that your iPhone is the subject of a spyware attack with the intent of remotely compromising it,” the alert states. Such an attack, carried out with high precision, is assumed to be specifically targeted based on the identity or activity of the affected user.

The nature of iOS updates in response to threats

In recent years, Apple has released numerous iOS updates to plug vulnerabilities that could be exploited for spyware attacks, including emergency security updates when a flaw is discovered to have already been used for attacks. Spyware attacks are particularly insidious because malware can be delivered through zero-click attacks, which require no user interaction, such as a malicious image sent via iMessage or WhatsApp. If the attack is successful, attackers can take full control of the device, accessing calls, emails and even viewing the iPhone screen.

What to do if you get a spyware alert

While these spyware attacks are mostly targeted at specific user groups such as journalists, dissidents, government workers, and businesses in certain industries, it is critical to take precautionary measures. Apple has introduced a Lockdown Mode on iPhones for those who believe they are at risk. This mode limits some device functionality but offers additional protection. Additionally, affected users can request digital forensic support from Amnesty International via their online platform dedicated to human rights activists and journalists.

Keeping your operating system up to date: a necessity

It is vital for all iPhone users to ensure that their operating system is always updated to the latest version, currently iOS 17.4.1, as a preventative measure against possible attacks. Apple may release additional updates to address vulnerabilities exploited by recent spyware attacks, if it hasn't already done so. Keeping your device software updated is one of the most effective cybersecurity practices available to users.

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04/11/2024 11:57

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