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Cyberespionage revealed: China's extended digital surveillance

Massive digital surveillance and influencing operation operated by Chinese entities discovered

A leak has revealed that China uses sophisticated surveillance and propaganda methods against dissidents, spending heavily to spread false information and spy via malware.

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A data leak from the I-Soon organization has highlighted the intrusive nature of China's surveillance practices against dissidents and relevant figures abroad. Through unexpectedly disclosed documents, it was learned that the Beijing government uses advanced tools to influence public perception and process sensitive information, reporting potential manipulation actions on highly frequented social platforms outside its national jurisdiction, precisely where limits and filters imposed on information are less stringent.

Methods and costs of cybernetic operations

Within the compromised material, detailed spending segments describe the economic amount of the hacking and propaganda operations: figures that fluctuate around one hundred thousand dollars for the targeted dissemination of false information and devious approaches to the acquisition of private data via platforms such as Telegram and Facebook. We therefore highlight the huge financial investments aimed at consolidating an extensive and influential digital surveillance network.

Technical revelations about trojans and infiltration capabilities

The leak also revealed the technological side of the arsenal of manipulative intent and capabilities. RATs (Remote Access Trojans) customized for Windows systems, specially designed to provide almost total remote control of the infected system, allow operations such as keystroke logging and direct interaction with running processes. Furthermore, the presence of advanced malware capable of compromising mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS has been noted.

Considerations on the cyber-political impact

The data leak raises questions about the true extent of China's information dominance, posing problems not only of digital security but also of information sovereignty. The opposition to these activities, even by Western authorities, denotes the seriousness of the phenomenon. The complexity of the networks and techniques used represents a notable challenge for politicians, cybersecurity enthusiasts and society as a whole, which needs greater guarantees on the right to privacy and free expression every day.

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02/27/2024 19:41

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