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Eighth edition of CYSEC Qatar: a successful cybersecurity summit

A crossroads of ideas and innovative solutions for cybersecurity in the heart of the Middle East

The CYSEC Qatar 2024 cybersecurity conference has closed in Doha. Experts discussed digital security strategies and emerging technologies, with a particular focus on zero trust and cloud security.

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CYSEC Qatar 2024, the eighth edition of the global conference dedicated to cyber security, concluded with great fanfare, confirming its status as an essential event for professionals in the sector. The Doha conference saw the participation of around 500 experts, who shared strategies and innovations to strengthen digital security in an ever-changing context.

CYSEC Qatar 2024 Highlights

Abdulrahman Hassan's keynote address on "Cybersecurity in Qatar: Strengthening Digital Defenses for National Resilience" highlighted the need for a collaborative and preventative approach in protecting Qatar's digital systems. Personalities of the caliber of Hussam Abu-Rida and Renze Jongman explored topics such as cyber security for ICS/OT, digital identity, zero trust frameworks and the automation of security processes.

Insights and innovations on security and cloud

Industry experts, including Amr Metwally and Dr Mashael Al Sabah, analyzed strategies to anticipate future threats, apply zero trust principles and improve cloud security in Qatar. Networking spaces increased collaboration, allowing participants to build professional relationships and discuss future developments.

Exhibition of cutting-edge solutions in cybersecurity

The exhibition area offered a cross-section of the most innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity, drawing attention to emerging technologies and advanced services. Industry giants, such as TxOne and CISCO, showcased their latest offerings, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the evolution of digital security. Special thanks go to our sponsors, speakers and participants who contributed to the success of CYSEC Qatar 2024.

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02/27/2024 12:33

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