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Telegram becomes a playground for Pegasus spyware traffic

Highly sophisticated spyware for sale on a popular messaging platform. Apple warns its users

Pegasus spyware, created by NSO Group, is now being sold on Telegram by a Russian group for $1.5 million. Apple responded by issuing global security alerts and improving protection strategies for users.

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Pegasus, the notoriously effective spyware developed by the Israeli organization NSO Group, recently appeared in a Telegram channel run by a criminal group with Russian connections. This group, known for its illicit activities on the dark web, is offering the spyware for $1.5 million, boasting its effectiveness and ability to infiltrate devices without direct interaction, exploiting as yet unpatched vulnerabilities in the iOS and Android operating systems .

Transaction size and details

Pegasus' exorbitant price is justified by its ability to collect complex data from infected devices. The criminal group promises a "God" license that allows perpetual access to the software. So far, they say they have collected bids totaling $6 million. To the community that protests the expensive price of the software, the challenge is to create software equally powerful and capable of infiltrating Apple systems for a prize of 1 million dollars.

Apple alert worldwide

In response to the potential threat, Apple issued a security alert to users in 150 countries. The company has come up with a communication that warns of possible spyware attacks on their devices. Although the amount of users potentially at risk is not specified, the message is clear and echoes a similar warning issued in 2021, the year in which Apple legally sued NSO Group.

Apple's strategies for protecting users

To counter this threat, Apple has come up with an isolation mode, detailed in their support section and in the official website's FAQ. The information provided aims to educate users on how to react to such notifications, highlighting the steps to follow in the event of a suspected spyware attack. This initiative demonstrates Apple's continued commitment to keeping its customers safe from the advancing threat of mercenary spyware.

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04/17/2024 09:51

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