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Massive data theft in Argentina: millions of driving licenses compromised

Large-scale data breach shakes Argentina: privacy and national security at risk

A hacker breached Argentina's driving license database, exposing data on 5.7 million citizens, including senior officials. He demands a ransom to return the data, highlighting serious flaws in the country's cybersecurity.

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In an unprecedented event, the Argentine government confirmed that a hacker breached the national driver's license database, exposing personal data of approximately 5.7 million citizens, including senior officials such as President Javier Milei and the ministers of Security and Safety. Defense, Patricia Bullrich and Luis Petri, respectively. This information leak poses a serious risk for identity theft and could be exploited for criminal activities such as financial fraud and document forgery.

Ransom demand and previous violations

The attacker demanded a ransom of $3,000 from each user for the return of data, revealing the vulnerability of the country's cybersecurity system. The same hacker is suspected of being responsible for an earlier breach in April, when 116,000 photos were stolen from another government database, the National Registry of Persons (RENAPER). The handling of cybersecurity has been severely criticized, with accusations directed at President Milei's indifference towards necessary data protection measures.

Political implications of the violation

Theft not only puts citizens' privacy at risk, but also has significant political connotations. Hackers have publicly criticized the Milei government's handling, suggesting deliberate negligence in protecting citizens' data. Experts such as Julio López interpreted the attack not only as an action of cybercrime, but also as an act of protest against the current administration, which according to the accuser is guilty of not adequately evaluating cyber threats.

Economic context and national security

The security incident comes at an already difficult time for Argentina, with high inflation and persistent economic problems. President Milei's recent austerity initiative, known as the "Chainsaw Plan", has contributed to a climate of general dissatisfaction, which may have exacerbated political and social tensions. The lack of adequate investment in cybersecurity could have long-term implications for both trust in government and national stability.

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04/18/2024 13:05

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