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"Emerging Threat: Social Media Platforms Vulnerable to New Exploit"

New critical exploit discovered that threatens the security of millions of users of social platforms

A 0day exploit found on the dark web allows access to Facebook and Instagram, bypassing two-step verification. Originally offered at $1000, it now costs $300.

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Recently, a hidden forum within the darknet put up a 0day exploit for sale to target the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Originally offered at $1,000, the price has been reduced to $300. This exploit allows account security measures, including 2FA two-step verification checking, to be bypassed, regardless of the method used, be it SMS or authentication app.

Impact of the exploit on account security

The exploit allows not only infiltration of Facebook accounts but potentially also Instagram accounts, due to the common practice of synchronizing accounts on both platforms. The forum announcement clarifies that the vulnerability can be exploited primarily for password resets, leading to full access to compromised accounts. This greatly increases the risk of exposing sensitive personal information.

Zero-day: a persistent threat to online security

To better understand, a 0day exploit represents a vulnerability in software or hardware that was recently discovered and for which a fix is not yet known. The danger of zero-day vulnerabilities lies in the fact that, until they are publicly discovered, developers do not have the possibility to intervene with patches or updates that prevent their exploit.

Tips for improving your digital security

The disclosure of this vulnerability highlights the importance of taking advanced security measures. Users should use strong passwords and enable two-step verification wherever possible. However, it is crucial to be aware that some 0day vulnerabilities can bypass even the most robust defenses. It therefore remains essential that companies detect and mitigate these vulnerabilities as quickly as possible to protect users from potentially serious harm.

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05/09/2024 18:24

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