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Digital security: Pakistan and AI

Advanced AI strategies against cyber threat in Pakistan

Experts in Karachi highlight Pakistan's lag in cyber security and propose the use of AI to prevent cyber attacks with high precision.

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At a conference in Karachi, several experts highlighted Pakistan's digital divide, highlighting how the country is more than two decades behind the global standard in cyber security. The call was for rapid advancement through the adoption of predictive security systems based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), capable of anticipating attacks with an accuracy of up to 90%.

AI innovations and the fight against cybercrime

During the conference "Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Cyber Security" organized by the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA), Ammar Hussain Jaffri, former head of the National Cyber Crime Response Center (N3RC), shared experiences on the use of AI for detect anomalies in documents such as fake passports, highlighting how these technologies can spot irregularities within national databases.

Defense against complex cyber attacks

Rahim Ali, CTO of an international outsourcing company, exposed how the country is currently unprepared for cyber warfare. He described scenarios in which compromised computer networks can lead to dramatic consequences such as the blocking of electronic media and the disruption of civilian infrastructure, outlining a systematic attack strategy known as "fire sale."

The challenges of ethics and security in the digital age

An IT professional, Maliha Masood, who specializes in risk management and information security, discussed the dichotomy between the so-called "good actors" of cyberspace, who are bound by strict norms and standards, and the "bad actors", who operate without restrictions. He therefore highlighted how the perception of privacy in the digital world is illusory. The experts also addressed the importance of developing indigenous weaponry to reduce the risks of AI manipulation.

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11/12/2023 10:49

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