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The CYSEC Qatar Cybersecurity Summit 2024

Innovation and security in the spotlight at the next cybersecurity conference in Doha

The CYSEC Summit in Qatar is a major cybersecurity event that brings together experts to discuss cybersecurity and strategies to address digital challenges in the country.

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In line with Qatar's ambitious vision to become a technological and innovation hub in the Middle East, we are excited to announce the upcoming eighth global edition of CYSEC Qatar in 2024 , a crucial event in the field of cybersecurity. The country is witnessing rapid evolution in the sector, facing unprecedented challenges and advancements in the digital world. The CYSEC Summit will bring together experts, industry leaders and policy makers to address the latest trends, pressing issues and innovative solutions in cybersecurity.

Importance of CYSEC for Qatar

This conference becomes a landmark given Qatar's growing commitment to government digitalization and massive infrastructure projects, such as Lusail City and Doha Metro, which require significant investments in cybersecurity. At the same time, while Qatari businesses show awareness regarding the importance of data security, the adoption of effective strategies is still below potential. The country also benefits from a solid legal framework, with dedicated cybersecurity bodies such as Q-CERT and CIIP, and national cybersecurity strategies.

Learn from industry experts

The CYSEC Forum offers an unparalleled opportunity for knowledge acquisition, with spaces dedicated to learning directly from internationally renowned experts and integrating best practices and cutting-edge solutions in the industry. Participants can expect high-level training sessions and moments of discussion with the latest innovations in the field of digital security.

Professional network and collaboration

The conference includes key sessions and interactions between professionals, allowing the sharing of experiences and updates on industry trends and innovations. With numerous hours dedicated to networking, participants will have the opportunity to establish themselves as thought leaders, expand their professional network and forge new business partnerships and strategic collaborations.

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01/30/2024 13:02

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