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Cyber security & cloud congress 2024: synergy between experts

Cutting-edge innovations and strategies in the cybersecurity and cloud landscape

The 2024 Cyber Security & Cloud Congress in Santa Clara is an event for IT security professionals, featuring cybersecurity and cloud conferences, expert speakers and networking opportunities.

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The Cyber security & cloud congress 2024 promises to be a key event for over 7,000 experts in the cybersecurity and cloud computing industry. The appointment is at the Santa Clara Conference Center (CA), on 5 and 6 June 2024. The conference intends to catalyze talents and professionals from different fields, offering a stage of excellence for CISOs, CIOs, chief security architects, security managers information, compliance officers, and data protection specialists.

Insights into cloud and cybersecurity

This year the event is enriched with the introduction of new conference tracks focused on Cloud and Cyber Security, including the evolution of cloud computing, DevSecOps integration, hybrid cloud and computational sustainability strategies. To consult the complete agenda: Advanced security; Hybrid cloud and security; Fundamentals of security and risk management; Cloud integration and improvements.

Notable speakers and exhibition innovations

The event will feature illustrious speakers from the field of respect for privacy, IT security and management of cyber threats, coming from important bodies and companies. Exhibitors will reward guests with cutting-edge technology demonstrations, new product launches and exclusive previews. For further details on participants and exhibitors, please see the list of speakers or the list of exhibitors.

Easy networking and registration opportunities

It will not only be a showcase of products and services, but also an unparalleled opportunity for networking, with the aim of forging new partnerships and discovering business opportunities. Attendees with Gold and Ultimate tickets will be able to attend the VIP cocktail on the first evening. Register in advance by August 27th to receive a 15% discount on tickets.

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