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First steps towards the integration between privacy and cybersecurity

The synergistic dialogue between privacy and cybersecurity professionals for more effective protection of sensitive data

The Cyber & Privacy Forum in Verona is an event that aims to promote communication between privacy and cybersecurity professionals, in order to create a common language. Industry experts will be present to discuss data protection as an integrated subject. Research will also be conducted to gather feedback and improve skill convergence. Free participation for members and members of Federprivacy.

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The first edition of the Cyber & Privacy Forum, an event organized by Ethos Media Group, will be held in Verona on November 29th. The aim is to foster better communication and understanding between data protection professionals, in order to create a common language. Experts from the legal and cybersecurity sectors will participate to discuss data protection as an integrated subject. Research will also be conducted to collect fundamental feedback from professionals, in order to identify the areas to improve and possible solutions to facilitate the convergence of skills.

The need for a dialogue between privacy and cybersecurity

Organizations are now aware that privacy and IT security are two closely interconnected aspects. To face this complex challenge, many companies have equipped themselves with a team made up of professionals with legal and IT skills. However, due to their different backgrounds, it can be difficult for these experts to fully understand each other's technical terms and make appropriate decisions. It is precisely in this context that the Cyber & Privacy Forum wants to promote convergence, so that professionals in the sector can communicate and work in harmony.

Creating a bridge between professionals

The Cyber & Privacy Forum, promoted by Ethos Media Group, aims to create a dialogue between experts from the legal and cybersecurity sectors. The aim is to treat data protection as a unified subject, addressing issues from different but complementary perspectives. The forum will allow professionals to interact and develop a common language, fundamental in a digital age in which privacy and IT security are increasingly interdependent.

Participation and involvement of professionals

Participation in the Cyber & Privacy Forum is free for members and subscribers of Federprivacy. The event will be held on November 29, 2023 at the Congress Center of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Verona. In the meantime, Federprivacy has launched a survey to collect feedback from experts and identify aspects to improve. The results will then be shared and discussed by speakers during the event, in order to encourage more effective collaboration and cooperation between professionals in the legal and IT sectors.

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08/31/2023 13:36

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