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The digital war: cyber attacks from Russia threaten Italy

The need for a strategic response: Italy and the emerging cyber front

The article discusses how the conflict in Ukraine has demonstrated the role of cyber warfare, with Russia launching cyber attacks on Italy. The importance of cybersecurity and regulatory changes are highlighted, along with the need for training and awareness. Liguria is commended for its efforts in protecting infrastructure, and Start 4.0 is mentioned as an organization supporting digitalization in Italy.

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The conflict in Ukraine is demonstrating that war is no longer fought only physically, but also digitally. This new form of hybrid warfare also involves Italy, with cyber attacks coming from Russia that go far beyond the borders. The Cset Conference in Genoa, organized by Start 4.0, is an opportunity to discuss this crucial topic.

Defending yourself from cyber attacks: regulatory changes coming soon

Large companies are now aware of the importance of cybersecurity, but suppliers often underestimate this aspect. The regulatory changes that will come into force in 2025 will be at the center of the debate at the Genoa conference. The supply chain often turns out to be the entry point for bad guys.

The importance of training and awareness

The president of Start 4.0, Paola Girdinio, highlights that the war in Ukraine has increased awareness on the topic of cybersecurity also among Italian companies and public bodies. Cyber attacks are the number one risk for business according to the World Economic Forum. Training people is essential, especially to combat human error which is the cause of 92% of cyber attacks.

Italy and the importance of cybersecurity

Liguria stands out in protecting its infrastructure, such as Italian ports and the San Martino hospital in Genoa, from recent attacks by Russian gangs. Some key players such as Liguria Digitale, the University and Start 4.0 contribute to creating a culture of safety. Start 4.0, which recently became the implementing body of the Pnrr, is committed to helping Italian companies in digitalization through financing for technological innovation projects.

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09/19/2023 10:24

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