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Cybersecurity excellence Awards 2024: applications open

The prestigious opportunity to be recognized for excellence in cybersecurity

The 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are open for nominations. These global awards recognize excellence in the cybersecurity industry and provide visibility and benefits to winning companies and professionals. Everyone can participate by sending applications by February 10, 2024.

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The 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are now open for nominations. These prestigious awards recognize and celebrate excellence in the cybersecurity industry globally. Offering opportunities for all companies, products and teams, these awards are an opportunity to be recognized for innovation, leadership and excellence in cybersecurity.

A global showcase for cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are global in scope and seek to involve all those who contribute to cybersecurity. Applications are judged fairly, within peer groups defined by industry, company size and geographic location. In addition to being accessible due to reasonable nomination fees, winning an award represents industry-wide recognition and provides an opportunity for visibility across multiple platforms.

Benefits of winning the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Winning a Cybersecurity Excellence Award can offer numerous benefits. You will receive global recognition for your achievements in cybersecurity. You'll be able to showcase your success on our awards page, on social media, on Cybersecurity Insiders, through press releases, and on our LinkedIn community of more than 600,000 members. Plus, you can use an award badge on your websites or social media profiles to proudly display your success.

Participate in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

All businesses, large and small, cybersecurity professionals and SOC teams are eligible to participate in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. There are categories adapted for each product, team or organisation, ensuring fair competition and recognition opportunities for all. Be sure to submit your entries no later than February 10, 2024, including a maximum of three entries in different categories.

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09/19/2023 02:17

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