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ETCISO Decrypt 2023: revolutionizing the future of cybersecurity

From enhancing cybersecurity to optimizing emerging technologies, ETCISO Decrypt 2023 establishes itself as the hub for collaboration, innovation and risk management in today's digital landscape

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ETCISO Decrypt 2023, a premier event dedicated to cybersecurity, was held at ITC Maratha in Mumbai, highlighting the latest technologies and best practices in the industry. In addition to generating in-depth discussions, the event highlighted the evolution of information security managers (CISOs) into risk managers, acquiring a crucial role in shaping business decisions. The objective of the event was to address the emerging challenges and opportunities in the cybersecurity landscape, promoting innovative strategies and collaborations through the participation of experts from various sectors.

The power of collaboration and innovation

Bringing together India's top CISOs, CIOs, risk managers, enterprise architects and heads of other crucial industries, ETCISO Decrypt 2023 delivered an immersive experience aimed at proactively navigating the evolving threat landscape. With the theme "Preparing for the New Shift in Cybersecurity", the event focused on data-driven security, harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The sessions fueled the exchange of ideas, stimulating the development of innovative strategies and broadening perspectives in the field of cybersecurity.

Risk management and use of new technologies

In the digital age, the importance of integrated risk management and effective collaboration between CISOs has been emphasized by various industry leaders. Hitesh Mulani, VP & Group CISO at Mahindra & Mahindra, highlighted the importance of staying connected not only with the supplier community but also with industry peers by encouraging idea sharing and team building. Furthermore, it was found that the successful application of AI and ML can optimize business operations and enhance cybersecurity measures, highlighting the importance of aligning these technologies with the existing infrastructure architecture and monitoring data quality to improve models of AI.

Ensuring a secure and resilient digital future

ETCISO Decrypt 2023 also addressed the growing complexity of protecting digital identities. Industry experts have highlighted the need for data lakes and data warehousing solutions to effectively protect digital identities. The "Tech Huddle" special sessions highlighted two critical areas of cybersecurity: API security in banking and fintech, and OT security in manufacturing. In conclusion, ETCISO Decrypt 2023 fostered collaboration, knowledge exchange and the adoption of innovative strategies, acting as a catalyst to drive progress and ensure a resilient and secure digital future for all.

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06/23/2023 05:47

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