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Study opportunities for cybersecurity experts: Cisco offers 1000 scholarships

Cisco invests in training to counter cyber threats

Cisco has launched the Cybersecurity Scholarship program to train 1000 cybersecurity experts in Italy for free. The program includes online lessons, webinars and final workshops, with the possibility of obtaining a Cisco Certified Support Technician - Cybersecurity certification. Applications are open to people between 16 and 45 years old with higher education and B2 level English proficiency. This initiative helps address the growing threat of cyber attacks and provides Italian companies with qualified cybersecurity experts.

This pill is also available in Italian language

Cisco has launched the fifth edition of the Cybersecurity Scholarship program, an Italian initiative that offers 1000 scholarships to train as cybersecurity experts for free. This professional figure is in great demand by companies of all sizes, so much so that according to a Cisco study, 24% of security managers in Italian companies say they have difficulty finding staff with the necessary skills.

The study path and the advantages offered

The scholarships, made available by Cisco in October, during the International Cybersecurity Month, allow participants to follow the Cybersecurity Career Path of the Cisco Networking Academy for free for a period of 6 months, from December 2023 to June 2024. The program includes online lessons, webinars with industry experts and final workshops organized by Cisco partner academies throughout Italy. Furthermore, participants will have access to the Networking Academy community and will be able to come into contact with companies in the digital sector. This training course also constitutes an introduction to the Cisco Certified Support Technician – Cybersecurity certification.

Requirements and application procedure

To be able to apply for the scholarships, you must be aged between 16 and 45, have a high school or university education and have a B2 level knowledge of English. It is also required to have attended the introductory course "Intro to Cybersecurity" by November 27, 2023 and to send the registration form. Further information is available on the site. In addition, the introductory cybersecurity course has been made available on Skills for All, Networking Academy's self-paced training platform. This is the first time that a course in Italian has been introduced in the platform launched by Cisco in 2022.

An opportunity for the future of cybersecurity

The 1000 scholarships offered by Cisco represent a unique opportunity for those who wish to pursue a career in cybersecurity. The growing threat of cyber attacks makes the presence of qualified experts in this sector increasingly important. Thanks to this initiative, Cisco is committed to supporting the training of new professionals, creating a solid base of skills that will allow Italian companies to face the challenges related to cybersecurity.

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10/19/2023 08:36

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