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CyberChallenge.IT 2024: youth training in cybersecurity

From recruitment to competition: a journey through Italian cybersecurity training

CyberChallenge.IT, a free training program aimed at young people between 16 and 24 years old, will soon return to Italy to develop skills in the cybersecurity sector. The course lasts twelve weeks and covers various theoretical and technical aspects. The program culminates in a competition to select the best national cyberdefenders.

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The Italian cybersecurity panorama will soon be enriched by the new edition of CyberChallenge.IT, the ambitious training program aimed at young people between 16 and 24 years old. With the support of entities such as the CINI Cybersecurity National Lab, the National Cybersecurity Agency and the Privacy Guarantor, this free training initiative aims to develop skills in the field of cybersecurity, driving the rise of talents in ethical hacking and digital infrastructure protection.

A rich and challenging training path

Once the entrance test has been passed, those selected will immerse themselves for 12 weeks in a path that alternates theoretical foundations, ethical disciplines and advanced technical methodologies. Lessons formulated ad hoc by experts from the university and industrial sectors will be given in over 40 locations established throughout Italy, which include prestigious academies and centers specialized in cyber training. After the success of past editions, massive participation is expected, stimulated by the success already achieved by the 5,000 participants of the previous year.

The culmination of a top-notch race

In the month of July, the students' comparison will culminate in the CyberChallenge.IT contest, where the best national cyberdefenders will be selected. By combining theory, elements of gamification and practice on topics such as cryptography and web security, the contenders will be able to demonstrate the level of skill achieved, aiming to enter the prestigious TeamItaly of cyberdefender, representing Italy in internationally renowned challenges.

The Big Game: Growth continues in cyberspace

The commitment to youth cybersecurity does not end with CyberChallenge.IT: the program is part of "The Big Game", a comprehensive strategy that includes initiatives such as OliCyber, CyberTrials and CyberHighSchools, aimed at consolidating the talent of Italian students in the field of IT security. These activities are integrated into the National Strategic Plan for Cybersecurity and aim to strengthen the skills necessary to face the challenges of cyberspace. Webinars and online resources will facilitate understanding and adherence, opening the doors to students, teachers and even families.

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12/05/2023 18:11

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