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Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023: fighting consumer manipulation

Dark Pattern Fighting Hackathon: innovative solutions against deception in e-commerce sites

Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023: Opportunity to Counter Dark Patterns on E-Commerce Platforms. The event promotes innovative apps and software to detect and regulate dark patterns. The best proposals will be rewarded and the final objective is to guarantee safe and transparent navigation for users.

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The Center launches "Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023", an event dedicated to the design and prototyping of innovative apps or software that can detect dark patterns present on e-commerce platforms. The initiative, supported by the Department of Consumer Affairs, aims to prevent and regulate these practices through guidelines that are open for public comment until 5 October 2023. It is suggested that new dark patterns be included in the already specified list, such as " Rogue Malwares”, “Trick Wording” and “Saas Billing”.

Hackathon participation and evaluation criteria

Academic institutions, industry experts, companies and e-commerce platforms participate in the Hackathon. During the process of developing innovative solutions, participants will focus on key aspects such as accuracy in pattern detection, intuitiveness and version control. Other notable features include the use of artificial intelligence, data collection with privacy protection, and cross-browser and AI compatibility for performance optimization. Proposals will be evaluated based on criteria of innovation, turnkey solutions, user interface, accuracy and reliability, and compliance with privacy regulations and required functionality.

The Department's guidelines for the prevention and regulation of dark patterns

The Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India released draft guidelines on September 7, 2023, seeking public comments by October 5, 2023. Among the suggestions received, it was proposed to include additional obscure models such as “Trick Question”, “Saas Billing" and "Rogue Malwares". Some trade associations and legal institutions have suggested changing the definitions of existing patterns such as “annoying” and “confirming shame.” The Department is carefully evaluating all submissions received to provide definitive guidance that effectively regulates dark patterns and protects consumers from unfair trading practices.

The expected results of the Hackathon and the importance of fighting dark patterns

At the end of the Hackathon, participants will present innovative apps or software-based solutions to detect and counteract dark patterns. This event represents an important initiative to ensure consumer protection and promote ethical business practices. The best proposals will be rewarded, receiving a certificate and a cash prize. The ultimate goal is to make e-commerce platforms more transparent, providing users with a safe and deception-free shopping experience.

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10/27/2023 06:55

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