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Raven: Open-source CI/CD pipeline security

Find out how Raven can improve the security of your CI/CD pipelines

Raven is an open-source security scanner for CI/CD pipelines. Identify risks and vulnerabilities, analyzing workflows on GitHub and reporting any issues. It is available for free on GitHub.

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Raven (Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Enumeration for CI/CD) is an open-source CI/CD pipeline security scanner that makes hidden risks visible by connecting vulnerable points throughout the pipeline. This allows the identification of a much greater overall risk than the analysis of individual vulnerabilities (CVE) taken in isolation.

How Raven works

Initially focused on GitHub, Raven analyzes workflows within GitHub, breaking them down into individual components. These components are then inserted into a Neo4j database as distinct nodes, establishing relationships between them. This allows for easy scanning and identification of vulnerabilities in workflows.

Raven components

Raven is made up of the following components:

1. Downloader: to download the workflows and actions needed for analysis, both for a specific organization and for all repositories, sorted by popularity.

2. Indexer: to process the data downloaded within a graph database (Neo4j), establishing the relationships between workflows, actions, jobs, steps, etc.

3. Query Library: A library of pre-built queries based on community research.

4. Report: Raven provides an easy way to report any suspicious findings. For example, it can be integrated into the continuous integration (CI) process for pull requests and run automatically in that context.

Raven availability

Raven is available for free on GitHub.

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10/27/2023 06:35

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