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Digital cities: security, regulations and rights

Discussion between experts for a digital city that is safe and respectful of citizens' rights

The conference in Rome brought together physical and cyber security experts to discuss new digital and secure cities. The main objective of the event was to analyze the impact of technologies on the social life and data protection of citizens. The institutional representatives underlined the importance of the integration between physical security and cybersecurity and the future vision of a digital and safe Rome for its citizens.

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The leaders of physical and cyber security met in Rome to discuss the new model of a digital and safe city. The conference, entitled "Digital cities, center of gravity between regulations, technologies, cybersecurity and personal rights", was organized by the Department of Security Policies and the Cybersecurity and Urban Security Department of Rome Capital, with the patronage of the Prefecture of Rome , of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data and of the National Cybersecurity Agency. The main objective of the event was to analyze the impact of new technologies on social life and to identify the connections between urban security, cybersecurity and citizen data protection.

Institutional greetings and future visions

In introducing the conference, the Councilor for Security Policies of Rome Capital, Monica Lucarelli, underlined the importance of the integration between physical security and cybersecurity in the Department of Rome Capital, a policy promoted by the current administration. The Prefect of Rome, Lamberto Giannini, highlighted the importance of a Department that integrates cyber security with physical security, especially in view of highly relevant events such as the Jubilee. The Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN), Prefect Bruno Frattasi, underlined that the integrated management of physical and digital security offers numerous opportunities for cities, from sustainable mobility to the use of public services.

Contributions from institutional representatives

The conference saw the participation of numerous experts in the sector, including the Director of the Postal Police, Ivano Gabrielli, the lawyer Guido Scorza, representative of the Guarantor Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, the General Director of Roma Capitale, Paolo Aielli , the General Commander of the Local Police Force of Rome Capital, Ugo Angeloni, and Antonio Ragonesi, Head of the ANCI Security Area. The Financial Police and the Carabinieri also participated in the event. Thanks to the experiences and skills of these professionals, Roma Capitale will be able to face the challenges of the coming years, offering its citizens an innovative, safe city with digital services that respect individual rights.

A future vision for Rome Capital

Nicla Diomede, Director of the Cybersecurity and Urban Security Department, outlined the future vision of Roma Capitale as a city of the future that aims at digitalization and offers an ecosystem of trust and widespread culture. The objective is to create a digital city both inside and outside the administration, capable of improving the lives of citizens in all aspects, from the services offered to the relationship with work and leisure. The ultimate goal is to offer a better quality of life, centered on the needs of people and their families.

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