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3rd Digital Identity & Authentication Summit MENA 2023

Digital and biometric revolutions: the highlights of the next summit

The MENA Digital Identity & Authentication Summit 2023 will focus on issues surrounding digital identity and biometric technology. The summit aims to tackle challenges in the adoption and regulation of new biometric technologies, and protection against digital crimes. It's scheduled for 12-13 September 2023 at Grosvenor House, Dubai.

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The next edition of the MENA Digital Identity & Authentication Summit is scheduled for 2023, with a deep focus on the importance of digital identity and the role of biometric technology in digital security solutions. In a world increasingly interconnected and dependent on digital platforms, digital identity proves to be of vital importance for online consumption, remote employment and internet citizenship. The summit aims to address crucial challenges, such as the adoption and implementation of new biometric technologies, the protection of businesses from electronic crimes and identity theft, and the regulatory difficulties related to the adoption of biometrics in the private sector.

Solution to digital dilemmas: highlights from the third summit

The third edition of the 3rd Digital Identity & Authentication Summit MENA draws on a prestigious list of speakers, panelists and moderators, providing registrants with the opportunity to learn from industry experts and thought leaders in biometric technology, to connect with peers and stakeholders, and to gain insights into recent trends, challenges and opportunities. This event is designed for CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, information security managers, digital transformation managers, fraud and identity specialists, access management specialists, security and IT engineers, analysts and consultants.

The main topics of the 3rd Digital Identity & Authentication Summit MENA 2023

Highlights from the event include topics such as: the digital identity revolution, beyond passwords - the promise and peril of biometric authentication, balancing convenience and security, and multi-cloud identity and access. Additionally, the summit will discuss topics such as biometrics and healthcare IT, smart borders, and the role of artificial intelligence in law enforcement.

Not to be missed: location and dates of the event

We invite you to attend this milestone meeting at the Grosvenor House in Dubai on 12 and 13 September 2023, where you can participate in these fascinating discussions that will shape the future of our digital identity and privacy. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn and be part of the digital revolution.

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