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Cyber security revolution: India's 2024 summit

A key gathering for IT experts and leaders to shape the future of digital security in Asia

The India Cyber Revolution Summit for IT professionals will be held on April 25-26, 2024, in New Delhi to discuss data security and innovation in cybersecurity, responding to the growing cyber threats in India.

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A significant event in the field of cybersecurity called “India Cyber Revolution Summit” will be held in New Delhi, India on April 25 and 26, 2024. TraiCon Events is pleased to host this flagship conference, where more than 500 industry professionals, including CISOs, CIOs and executives engaged in cybersecurity, digital transformation and IT infrastructure will come together to discuss the latest developments and trends in the field of data security, risk management, and cybersecurity innovation.

Participation of experts and exhibition of innovative solutions

The event will feature security experts from various industries, who will share their knowledge in keynote presentations and discussions on crucial topics such as data privacy, network security, threat detection and vulnerability management. In addition to this, companies specializing in IT security solutions, threat management and software dedicated to fighting cybercrime will participate as sponsors or exhibitors, including CloudSEk, diamond sponsor of the event.

Importance of cybersecurity in the APAC region

India's cyber threat landscape is proving to be increasingly dangerous, placing the country among the top 5 in the world for the number of attacks and malware detected, especially in the online banking sector, in the first half of 2023. India accounts for 13 % of cyber attacks in the Asia-Pacific region, being one of the three countries most affected by state actors. In response, initiatives by Indian organizations to strengthen cybersecurity budgets are on the rise.

Aims and objectives of the Summit

The India Cyber Revolution Summit 2024, inaugurated with great success in Kuwait, comes to New Delhi with an aim to support government and private institutions in strengthening their defense capabilities in cyberspace. Designated as a prime platform for public-private alliances, this event aims to discuss the current trends and future potential of the sector, under the theme "Building a Secure Digital World". It will be a unique opportunity to keep up to date on the evolution of cyber threats and the most innovative protection strategies.

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04/04/2024 12:04

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