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China's cyber security summit and national virus database

The summit tackles emerging cyber threats and emphasizes the need for a comprehensive national computer virus database

China's cyber security summit focused on creating a national computer virus database to safeguard against cyber threats. Attacks on organizations are increasing, particularly in critical information infrastructure sectors. Coordinated efforts between the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and network security companies aim to enhance China's cybersecurity capabilities. New regulations also promote the safe development of generative AI services.

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China's inaugural cyber security summit, held in Tianjin, announced plans to establish a comprehensive national computer virus database. The two-day summit, attended by over 500 participants, aimed to foster cooperation in safeguarding cyber security and governing cyberspace. Concurrently, the fourth International Anti-Virus Conference took place, facilitating discussions on emerging threats and preventative measures.

Virus attacks shift focus to critical information infrastructure

China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center (CVERC) shared a report at the summit revealing a decrease in the number of computer virus attacks targeting individual users in 2023. However, attacks against organizations witnessed a rise compared to the same period last year. The report emphasized that the critical information infrastructure sector, encompassing education, finance, and healthcare, has increasingly become a prime target for data breaches, posing significant risks to sensitive personal data.

Coordinated efforts to tackle cybersecurity challenges

As part of its commitment to addressing cyber threats, CVERC and more than 30 network security companies established several mechanisms during the summit. These mechanisms concentrate on joint research, innovation, and ecological exploration of network crime. By integrating resources such as data, technology, and talent, the aim is to construct a national computer virus database. This initiative will effectively enhance China's independent research and development capabilities in internet technology.

New regulations promote safe development of generative AI services

China implemented interim regulations on the management of generative AI services on August 15. These regulations not only bolster the development of generative AI technology but also provide a framework for guidelines and standards that generative AI service providers must adhere to. This helps maintain a secure and ethical environment while promoting the growth of artificial intelligence in China.

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08/30/2023 10:03

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