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Viterbo is preparing to host the innovative cybersecurity forum

Cyber security and innovation: an in-depth analysis of the Cyber Act Forum 2023

The Cyber Act Forum, a conference dedicated to cyber security, is organizing its third edition at the Hotel Salus Terme Resort & Spa in Viterbo. The event will be full of relevant partners and speakers, with the aim of raising public awareness of the risks of the network. Participation is free.

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The famous conference on cyber security, the Cyber Act Forum, is getting ready for its third edition, scheduled at the Hotel Salus Terme Resort&Spa in Viterbo. An event dedicated to the crucial topic of cybersecurity returns to continue the debate and awareness on this fundamental aspect of our digital future.

A security mission in the cyber future

Guided by the motto "The future is Cyber, but there is no future without security", the cultural association of Cyber Actors, organizer of the event, has the mission of raising public awareness on network security issues and on the risks resulting from its improper use. Their commitment focuses on safe and aware navigation in the vast and sometimes mysterious world of cyber.

An event full of important partners and speakers

The Cyber Act Forum is scheduled for Friday 20 October, in conjunction with the European month of cybersecurity, with the collaboration of numerous institutions and associations including the University of Tuscia, Women For Security, Federlazio, the Viterbo Chamber of Commerce- Rieti, HackInBo®, IISFA, OsintItalia and Red Hot Cyber. During the event, nationally and internationally renowned experts will take turns on stage to discuss risks and opportunities in the cyber world. Among the speakers there will be Paolo Benanti, Alberto Giuffrè, Pierluigi Perri, Giovanni Ziccardi, Alessandro Manfredini, and many others.

Free participation and information channels

Tickets for the event are free and can be booked on the event website, where full details of the event programme, guests and sponsors can be found. The CyberActors association invites the public to stay updated on news regarding the event and upcoming appointments through their social channels.

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07/18/2023 08:42

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