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Federico II, Naples: introduction to the course in criminology and cybersecurity

Prepare for the future: discover the new course that combines criminology and digital security to face the challenges of cybercrime

The Federico II University of Naples has launched a new course named "Criminological, Investigative and Computer Crime Fighting Sciences". This course will specialize in the field of criminology with an emphasis on digital security and crime analysis. It includes partnerships with local law enforcement and opportunities for internships and research. Applicants need a specific Bachelor's degree and English proficiency.

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The Federico II University of Naples is introducing a new training offer that will revolutionize the field of criminology and IT security. The course, called "Criminological, Investigative and Computer Crime Fighting Sciences", aims to train specialists in the field of criminology, with a strong emphasis on digital security and crime analysis.

Objectives and structure of the programme

The main objective of the course is to offer a comprehensive education in the field of criminology, with a particular emphasis placed on cybercrimes. Students will develop advanced skills in crime analysis, cyber threat assessment and cybercrime prevention. The course curriculum blends political science and computer science, and involves the Department of Political Science (DISP) and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (DiETI).

Partnerships and field experiences

The course will be enriched by important collaborations and partnership agreements with the Guardia di Finanza, the Police and the Carabinieri. These partnerships will provide students with hands-on education and the opportunity to interface with experienced industry professionals. The educational offer also includes workshops, internships and internships, and establishes connections with international universities for research and cultural exploration.

Candidate profile and course details

The course trains professionals capable of conducting investigations by integrating criminology with technologies related to cybersecurity. Students will be able to analyze cyber attacks, perform forensic analysis on compromised devices and support investigations with a criminological approach. Access to the course is free, but subject to verification of curricular and cultural requirements. Applicants should have fluency in the English language and a Bachelor's degree in specific classes. Students with degrees in other disciplines may be admitted after an evaluation of the study curriculum. The increase in cybercrime, and the need for professionals specialized in this field, make this course a great opportunity for students interested in criminology and cybersecurity.

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07/06/2023 01:54

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