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Digital Health Schools 10th anniversary: the future of digital health leadership

Celebrating a decade of progress and training for the next generation of digital health leaders in the NHS

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The tenth anniversary of the summer edition of the Digital Health Schools will be an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the last ten years in the field of clinical informatics and digital health, without forgetting to project a look to the future. The conference program and educational sessions will explore the skills, training, professional skills and supports needed to be effective e-leaders in a National Health Service (NHS) which is facing enormous changes and pressures on its workforce and demand.

A networking event for industry leaders

The Schools of Digital Health's annual bi-daily event is dedicated to bringing together the NHS CCIOs, CIOs and CNIOs, as well as the next generation of digital health leaders. During the event, which takes place on 27-28 July 2023 at the University of Birmingham, over 50 scholarship places will be awarded to future e-leaders and aspiring leaders from under-represented groups.

The challenges of the future and the agenda of the conference

Summer Schools 2023 will address the biggest challenges facing current and future digital health leaders, including topics such as ICS, AI, EPR, cybersecurity, leadership development, and diversity. Keynote speakers will be Richard Murray, CEO of the Kings Fund, who will outline the national framework and context in terms of policy and funding, and Vin Diwaker, Clinical Director for Digital Transformation, NHS England, who will outline national digital priorities and data.

Charting the way for the future

To celebrate the achievements of the past decade, a panel discussion of past and present leaders of the CCIO/CIO/CNIO networks will reflect on the past, present and future of e-leadership. Other plenary sessions include an in-depth analysis of digital developments in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Delegates will have nearly 30 thematic sessions to choose from, as well as numerous networking opportunities. Spaces are limited, so it is advisable to book your place in advance to join over 400 leading digital colleagues from the NHS.

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06/22/2023 14:22

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