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Cyber ​​incidents

Record DDoS attacks: fixes quickly releasedHTTP2 vulnerability exploited by large-scale DDoS attacks: here are the solutionsWeb server vendors address Rapid Reset vulnerability in HTTP2 protocol that caused DDoS attacks. Fixes have been released for many affected products. Large DDoS attacks have been mitigated thanks to a zero-day vulnerability in the HTTP/2 protocol called HTTP/2 Rapid Reset.

Cyber attack on the Province of Cosenza: the imperative of robust digital securityThe need for advanced cyber defense against ransomware: lessons from the attack on the Province of CosenzaThe provincial administration of Cosenza was hit by a ransomware cyber attack, making data inaccessible and demanding a ransom. Despite the attack, the administration refused to pay, showing determination to recover the encrypted data. We highlight the importance of adopting advanced digital security...

Cloudflare: the incident that caused DNS resolution issuesCloudflare's implications and solutions for the DNS resolution incidentDNS service provider Cloudflare experienced a DNS resolution error that caused internet access issues for many users. The error was caused by an internal software error at Cloudflare and not by an external attack. Cloudflare is working to prevent future errors and apologizes for the incident.

Lyca Mobile services disrupted by cyber attackThe consequences of the attack and the ongoing investigationsA cyber attack has disrupted the services of mobile provider Lyca Mobile, preventing users from accessing services and causing operational problems. The company is investigating possible personal data breaches.

Hacker attack on Sony: threat of data disclosureA new threat to Sony's data security: the tension increasesA Russian hacker group, known as, claims to have breached Sony's security systems and is holding sensitive customer data. They threaten to sell the data if a ransom is not paid. Sony is investigating the situation.

Cyber attack paralyzes the Bermuda islands: government working to restore operationsExtensive checks are underway to determine the origin of the sophisticated cyber attack in the governmentBermuda suffered a major cyber attack last week, but there is no evidence of data theft. The government is restoring operations and building a more secure network. Difficulties have been encountered, but everything is expected to return to normal soon.

Air Canada: employees' personal data breachedFight against breaches of sensitive employee data and strengthen cybersecurity practicesAir Canada has revealed a breach of their internal systems, compromising employees' personal information. The company took immediate action, ensuring that no customer information was accessed. Air Canada is enhancing its security measures to protect employee data and remain operational.

Growing threat: Russian cyber warfare operations in UkraineThe increase in Russian attacks highlighted in the report of the Ukrainian cyber defense organizationRussian hackers targeted Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to gather information on war crimes investigations. Cyberattacks in Ukraine have increased, but defenses are improving. Russia integrates cyber warfare operations into its military strategies.

China's offensive cyber operations in Africa to support soft power effortsChina's growing threat: cyber infiltration into Africa to consolidate its digital dominanceA Chinese-sponsored cyber group has attacked African telecommunications, financial and government organizations in a bid to gain information and competitive advantages. China has invested heavily in African telecommunications and uses these attacks to shape its influence in the region. Other threatening...

China accuses the United States of a long campaign of cyber espionage against Huawei's serversRevealing investigation: details of cyber attacks against Huawei revealed by China's Ministry of State SecurityChina's Ministry of State Security accuses the United States of hacking into Huawei's servers, stealing sensitive data and installing spying backdoors. The US NSA is accused of conducting systematic cyber attacks against China.