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Cyber attack on the Province of Cosenza: the imperative of robust digital security

The need for advanced cyber defense against ransomware: lessons from the attack on the Province of Cosenza

The provincial administration of Cosenza was hit by a ransomware cyber attack, making data inaccessible and demanding a ransom. Despite the attack, the administration refused to pay, showing determination to recover the encrypted data. We highlight the importance of adopting advanced digital security measures to protect sensitive data.

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On Wednesday 4 October, the provincial administration of Cosenza was the victim of a serious cyber attack that shook the province. Unknown criminals managed to infiltrate the computer system, encrypting data and demanding a ransom to restore control. This event highlights the importance of digital security in public institutions and pushes for more rigorous preventive measures.

Details of the attack and the ransomware threat

The cyber attack, presumed to be ransomware, hit the provincial administration of Cosenza, raising concerns about the security of sensitive data. The specific attack vector is not yet known, but it is likely that the infection was caused by a click on a malicious attachment. Ransomware encrypts data, making it inaccessible, requiring payment for decryption. This type of threat represents a serious challenge for public institutions, which must take robust measures to prevent and counter such attacks.

Reactions and determination of the provincial administration

Despite the attack, the provincial administration of Cosenza demonstrated firmness in dealing with the situation. The provincial president, Rosaria Succurro, declared that the central core of the computer system had not been compromised. Although some data on individual PCs was encrypted, the administration refused to pay the ransom demanded by the cybercriminals. This decision reflects the determination of the Cosenza public body not to give in to the requests of cyber criminals and to defend sensitive data at all costs.

Criticality resolution operations and reminder of cyber security

After the attack, IT technicians from the provincial administration immediately mobilized to address the critical issues and restore access to the encrypted data. Full system functionality is expected to be restored by the end of the week. This encrypted cyberattack represents a warning of the growing threat posed by ransomware and highlights the importance of adopting robust digital security measures in public institutions at all levels. It is essential that administrations equip themselves with advanced technological solutions and implement rigorous security protocols to prevent future attacks and protect sensitive data.

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10/06/2023 15:37

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