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Piracy Shields code revealed: amidst criticism and vulnerability

Piracy Shields cybersecurity under attack reveals critical issues and sparks debate about web censorship

Piracy Shields, Agcom's anti-piracy tool, has been hacked and its source code published on GitHub. This raises controversy about censorship and security. Radical measures required to protect users.

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Incredibly, Piracy Shields, the tool aimed at fighting online piracy on behalf of Agcom, has also become prey to hackers. Several authoritative computer publications reported the violation, resulting in the disclosure of the source code on the GitHub platform. Among what is made available online are critical elements such as the user interface, data management modules, storage schemes and a series of internal documents. The details that emerged do not clearly outline the identity of the perpetrators of the attack, but highlight a precise intention behind the gesture.

Accusations of censorship and incompetence behind the attack

The hacking action appears to arise from an accusation directed against Piracy Shields, labeled as a tool of "dangerous censorship". Hackers have criticized the system's ability to block access to a number of legitimate websites and IP addresses, fearing the risk of widespread and unregulated censorship. In the disclosure act, they also underlined how the platform is the result of "technical incompetence and a suffocating bureaucracy", components considered endemic in the management of Italian institutions.

The growing controversy surrounding Piracy Shields

Since it was launched in early 2024, the Piracy Shields system has attracted a number of criticisms for the way it operates. In several cases, it has been reported as responsible for taking down completely legal sites. The situation led political representatives, including the deputy Giulia Pastorella of Azione, to raise the problem in parliament, asking for explanations regarding the security and effectiveness of the filtering mechanisms implemented by the platform.

Radical measures called for following the theft

The source code leak has reignited the debate over Piracy Shields' suitability as an anti-piracy tool, with Pastorella not hesitating to describe the situation as extremely serious. The deputy urged Agcom to take immediate measures, including the temporary deactivation of the service, to prevent any abuse that could compromise the navigation of bona fide users. This incident highlights the fragile balance on which the fight against online piracy is based, underlining the need for greater attention towards the protection of users' digital rights.

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03/28/2024 22:40

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