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The challenge of preventive cybersecurity

Addressing digital security challenges in the context of evolving cyber risks

The article highlights the challenges of preventative cybersecurity, highlighting how most organizations are unable to prevent 100% of cyber attacks. The need for a specialized workforce to manage cybersecurity tools is also highlighted, as well as the frequency of meetings on critical business systems. Finally, it is stated that preventive security is no longer an optional choice, but an indispensable requirement in risk management.

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Over the past two years, the average organization's cybersecurity program was prepared to preemptively defend against, or block, only 57% of the cyberattacks it experienced, according to Tenable.

Managing preventative cybersecurity tools requires a specialized workforce

The complexity of the infrastructure – with its reliance on multiple cloud systems, numerous identity and privilege management tools, and various web assets – provides numerous opportunities for misconfigurations and ignored assets.

Frequency of meetings on critical business systems

In one in two organizations, meetings on critical business systems occur monthly, while 18% hold such meetings only once a year, and 2% say they do not hold them at all.

Preventive security is no longer optional

“Preventive security is no longer an optional approach to risk management, but a prerequisite,” said Robert Huber, chief security officer and head of research at Tenable.

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11/06/2023 08:48

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