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Exponential increase in cyber attacks in India

Dramatic increase in cyber threats in the Indian nation: a worrying overview

A report by Indusface reveals that India suffered over 1.6 billion cyber attacks in the second quarter of 2023, registering a 70% increase. DDoS attacks have increased with the main victims being India, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. The report also highlights over two billion blocked attacks during the quarter.

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A report by Indusface, an app security solutions company, revealed that over 1.6 billion cyber attacks occurred in India in the second quarter ended September 30, 2023, marking a 70% increase compared to the previous quarter . “All healthcare sites and more than 90% of banking and insurance sites experienced bot attacks during the quarter,” reads the report on cyberattacks during the quarter.

Increased DDoS activity

The report also highlighted a sharp escalation in DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks were found to be carried out from over 8 million unique IP addresses over 14 days. The traffic generated by DDoS attacks was 3,000 to 14,000 times higher than the target sites' normal daily traffic. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attack in which cybercriminals significantly increase traffic to a website using an army of compromised computers in order to make the service inaccessible to regular visitors. This causes serious damage to the service provider.

Main victims of attacks in the world

The main victims of DDoS attacks were India (135 million attacks), the United States (111 million), Germany (1 million) and the United Kingdom (1.5 million). Furthermore, India, US, UK, Russia and Singapore have emerged as the major victims of bot attacks.

Third Quarter Application Security Report

The “State of Application Security-Q3 2023” report is based on a sample of more than 1,400 applications. During the quarter, more than two billion cyber attacks were blocked. Indusface, funded by Tata Capital Growth Fund II, said the data was collected from its AppTrana network, which has blocked over 2 billion attacks, of which 70% (over 1.6 billion) came from India. “There has been growth in DDoS and bot attacks. While the number of DDoS attacks increased by 67%, we saw a 56% increase in the number of bot attacks. Eight of the 10 sites surveyed had suffered a bot attack. During the quarter, we identified more than 46,000 high and critical vulnerabilities," the report concludes.

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11/05/2023 16:44

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