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Gender equality in the tech sector: women's representation on the rise

The core competencies of the CISO in the technology sector: a gender-inclusive perspective

The article argues that while there has been progress in gender equality in the technology sector in Australia, female representation is still low in cybersecurity. To become a successful CISO, you need skills such as leadership, risk management and communication. Talent diversity and exploring non-traditional recruiting avenues can benefit your company.

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There has been progress towards gender equality in the technology sector in Australia, with a slight increase in the presence of women, from 29% in 2021 to 31% in 2022. However, there is still one sector where representation female is lacking: cybersecurity.

The role of the CISO

The CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, requires skills that go beyond the STEM field. This role requires strong leadership to guide the company through security initiatives, convince senior executives to invest in cybersecurity programs, and set the company on a path that aligns security with its business goals and objectives.

The six core competencies of CISOs

To be successful as a CISO, skills such as: communication, leadership, risk and incident management, empathy and emotional intelligence, as well as strategic thinking are crucial.

Final considerations

It is important to evaluate the right mix of talent and skills, regardless of gender, to ensure CISO success. As long as they demonstrate an interest in cybersecurity, the right mindset and determination to achieve results, exploring non-traditional recruiting paths could greatly benefit the company.

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10/30/2023 07:16

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