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LockBit ransomware group targets Boeing

An anti-ransomware defense plan is essential for companies like Boeing

Hacking group LockBit has targeted Boeing, threatening to release stolen data if they don't pay a ransom. LockBit has hacked many multinationals and earned millions of dollars. Boeing is investigating the situation and promises an update. Previous LockBit attacks may also involve Boeing.

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The LockBit ransomware group, known for its criminal actions, recently set its sights on aerospace giant Boeing, launching a double extortion attack and threatening to disclose stolen data on November 2, 2023 or later. In a bold move, the group has publicly announced that it has gained access to sensitive company information and is ready to auction it off unless Boeing's IT department fulfills their million-dollar ransom demand.

LockBit: One of the most active cybercriminal groups in 2023

According to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), LockBit stands out as one of the most active Russian-speaking cybercriminal organizations in 2023. Their bold actions have targeted over 1,700 American multinationals, amassing an incredible $93 million in illicit earnings from January 2020 to January 2023.

Boeing faces threats from LockBit ransomware group

Boeing, a well-known commercial aircraft manufacturer, has not yet officially responded to LockBit's requests. However, the company promised to provide a full update by next weekend, citing ongoing internal investigations as the reason for the delay.

The previous attack on CDW risks embroiling Boeing in a difficult situation

This incident is reminiscent of LockBit's attack on tech company CDW in August this year. The attack may have led to the exposure of additional data belonging to CDW customers and partners, with Boeing potentially implicated in this ransomware situation.

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10/30/2023 07:04

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