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Signal's alleged zero-day flaw affecting link previews

Signs of uncertainty: how to protect yourself from possible threats

Signal has rejected accusations of an alleged zero-day flaw, but there may be a risk linked to link previews. We recommend disabling previews, keeping the app updated, and taking precautions such as two-factor authentication and avoiding suspicious links.

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Signal messenger has denied the existence of an alleged zero-day flaw that would allow the complete acquisition of devices. However, sources indicate that there may be a potential risk related to link previews in the app. Let's see how to mitigate this situation of uncertainty.

Signal's official confirmation and invitation to real information

Signal has carefully examined the rumors regarding the alleged zero-day vulnerability, but has found no evidence to confirm it. At the same time, the app asked those with true and relevant information to contact its security team. It is important to pay attention to the context of this alarming situation.

How the alleged vulnerability could be exploited

Computer forensics scientist Paolo Dal Checco warns that while Signal does not confirm the alleged zero-day vulnerability, the context of link previews could be vulnerable to issues such as buffer overflows and privilege escalation. It is essential to understand how these potential threats can be mitigated to ensure device security.

Tips for increasing security on Signal

Despite Signal's denial, cyber security expert Paolo Dal Checco recommends taking precautionary measures such as disabling link previews, keeping the application and operating system updated, using two-factor authentication and recognized access biometric, avoid clicking on suspicious links and encrypt backups. These tips are always valid for increasing security on Signal, regardless of whether the alleged zero-day flaw exists or not.

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10/17/2023 08:59

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