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Siemens launches SINEC Security Inspector, a new test suite for industrial network security

A new tool to ensure the protection and integrity of industrial networks, improving cybersecurity in the manufacturing sector

Siemens has expanded its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, launching SINEC Security Inspector, a security test suite that helps identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities in the manufacturing industry. The open framework integrates third-party security tools and offers an efficient way to control and inspect your entire IT/OT environment. For more information, you can visit the Siemens website.

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To address growing cybersecurity concerns in the industrial manufacturing sector, Siemens has expanded its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and launched SINEC Security Inspector. This security test suite is a software framework that allows you to perform active scans on network devices, network segments, or the entire network infrastructure. By integrating multiple security tools into a single user interface, Siemens offers users a fast and efficient way to identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities.

Save time on network inspections

With Siemens SINEC Security Inspector, customers can monitor the entire IT/OT environment, including all individual components. This allows you to quickly identify risks and potential dangers, significantly reducing the effort required for inspections of industrial networks. With the growing presence of different machine suppliers and a wide range of devices in industry, manufacturers face several challenges in terms of network security in their factories. SINEC Security Inspector can address these challenges by providing tools for asset identification, compliance checking, malware scanning and vulnerability assessment.

Open framework that integrates third-party security tools

SINEC Security Inspector was designed as an open framework. In addition to security tools developed by Siemens, it also includes tools provided by cybersecurity company Tenable for vulnerability management. In the future, additional internal and third-party testing tools will be added to cover even more test cases. With the advent of digital businesses, cybersecurity has become increasingly important for industrial companies. SINEC Security Inspector, initially developed for scanning Siemens factories, is now available to protect any industrial and manufacturing environment.

Siemens SINEC Security Inspector: a comprehensive security test suite

For further details on SINEC Security Inspector, you can visit the Siemens website .

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10/17/2023 08:49

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