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NSSG secures prestigious Comex 2013 cyber security award for 2023

Demonstrating exemplary commitment and performance, NSSG marks a significant milestone in global cybersecurity leadership

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The distinguished National Security Services Group (NSSG), renowned for its exceptional cybersecurity services, has received the prestigious Comex 2013 cyber security award for the year 2023. This notable achievement fortifies the company's global standing, elevating it to the ranks of esteemed corporations like Microsoft, Huawei, Omantel, and OQ. NSSG was selected for this honor from a pool of just ten considered enterprises.

NSSG's Vision of a Resilient Digital Future

"Since the genesis of NSSG in 2016, we have consistently strived to be Oman's reliable ally in architecting a resilient and secure digital future, synchronizing with the country's 2040 vision," commented Warith Al Maawali, NSSG's CEO. He added, "Our proficient team creates customized cybersecurity solutions across five operational divisions, deploying our proprietary tools to combat the incessant menace of cybercrime." As the first MENA-based organization to achieve CREST accreditation for penetration testing and ISO 27001 certification, NSSG takes pride in leading the industry with quality, innovative solutions that protect their clients' integrity, data, and future aspirations. NSSG's ultimate aim is to stimulate national development and assure digital resilience via their state-of-the-art technologies and a strong innovative spirit.

NSSG's Global Aspirations and Acknowledgement

NSSG envisions extending its unparalleled services and internally developed products worldwide in the future. This strategic initiative aims to leverage their proven competencies and the recognition earned from esteemed awards like the Comex 2013 Cyber Security Award, to further strengthen their status as a global frontrunner in cybersecurity. This award was conferred upon NSSG by Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghassani, the Chairman of Dhofar Municipality. This venerated recognition not only validates NSSG's strategic trajectory but also unlocks fresh opportunities for future growth and success.

Continuing Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Under the forward-thinking leadership of Warith Al Maawali, NSSG's commitment to quality and innovation remains resolute. Al Maawali's trailblazing endeavors have culminated in significant milestones, such as the global recognition of Linux Kodachi, which has been consistently hailed as the best privacy distro from 2019 to 2023. This esteemed award reconfirms NSSG's firm commitment to maintaining their high standards of excellence, innovation, and integrity as they continue to make strides in the cybersecurity domain. The award symbolizes a significant landmark in NSSG's journey, signaling progress rather than an end.

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05/30/2023 10:15

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