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Illuminate 2023: the future of digital innovation converges in Italy

The famous international technology conference organized by IAMCP arrives in Lecce for 2 days of insights, networking and training on the latest technological trends

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A meeting of global importance in the innovation sector, known as "Illuminate", arrives in Italy, precisely in Lecce, on June 6 and 7, 2023. Organized annually by the International Association of Microsoft Partners (IAMCP), Illuminate has consolidated itself as an exclusive and unmissable event after the success achieved in Portugal in 2022. Bringing together around four hundred participants from sixteen nations, Illuminate 2023 becomes a meeting platform to debate topics such as new technologies, digital transformation and innovation.

Objectives and organization of the event

Illuminate, conceived and organized by the IAMCP for its EMEA associates, Microsoft partners and distributors, as well as enterprises using Microsoft technologies, aims to boost digital transformation, facilitate networking and ensure adequate training on the latest innovations technological. The organization of the 2023 edition was entrusted to the COMMED IA srl team, in collaboration with the Puglia Region, the Italian chapter of IAMCP, Microsoft and the Unisalento Innovation Engineering Department.

Learning Paths and Discussion Topics

The event will revolve around a main theme: "Microsoft Partners, how to improve collaboration and business". This will be accompanied by six training courses that will explore areas such as the digitization of the PA and Smart Cities; innovative technologies (Blockchain, IoT and others); the Cloud and the Hybrid Cloud; artificial intelligence and cognitive services; Digital Compliance; Cybersecurity. During the event, there will be "Focus" sessions that will provide further insights into artificial intelligence, mixed reality and ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, developed by OpenAI.

Attendance, speakers and additional information

Illuminate 2023 will see the participation of a vast number of international speakers and guests, including business leaders and entrepreneurs who will deliver high value professional speeches. These include Raffaele Gigantino of VMware, Fabio Santini of Microsoft Italy and Elena Baeva of IAMCP EMEA. The event, which will take place at the Ecotekne University Campus of UniSalento, is open to managers, executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, professionals, students and local residents interested in the topics covered. Participation in the workshops is free, but registration on the official website is required. To also participate in networking sessions and take advantage of packages that include hotel accommodation, dinners and transfers, you can purchase a ticket on the official website. Discounted rates are available to IAMCP members and Microsoft employees.

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05/30/2023 09:08

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