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A bridge between school and work: the agreement between Rome and Leonardo for training in IT

An innovative collaboration that promotes education in computer science and cybersecurity, combating early school leaving and offering career opportunities

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A three-year agreement was recently signed at Palazzo Valentini between the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital and Leonardo, a leading company in the IT field. This agreement has as its main purpose the creation of an advanced training course in Information Technology. Starting from the 2023-2024 school year, Leonardo intends to hire over two thousand young experts in sectors such as information technology, cybersecurity and innovative technologies over the next two years. Antonio Liotti, Leonardo's Personnel Director, explained the details during the presentation of the agreement. The main objective of the agreement is to combat the phenomenon of early school leaving, ensuring that high-tech companies can benefit from qualified and competent personnel.

A three-year course in cybersecurity for 14-18 year olds

In the 2023/24 school year, a three-year course will be launched for the training of IT operators specialized in cybersecurity. The course will be hosted by the Acilia training center in Rome and will be aimed at 25 students aged between 14 and 18. This new program will give young people the opportunity to experience the world of work and gain practical experience which will facilitate their future entry into the labor market. Furthermore, Leonardo will collaborate with the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital to organize the course and will set up a laboratory specialized in cybersecurity.

An initiative to combat early school leaving and create job opportunities

The mayor of the Metropolitan City, Roberto Gualtieri, expressed that the agreement strengthens the capacity of the public training system to create qualified job opportunities and to combat early school leaving, especially among the youngest. The Metropolitan City has the structures and capabilities at its disposal to organize training, while Leonardo supplies the specific skills. This collaboration offers a concrete response both to the needs of young people seeking security for their future, and to the many companies that are always looking for adequate skills to compete in strategic production sectors.

An agreement that favors the employment of deserving young people

Daniele Parrucci, Managing Director for Vocational Training, explained that the objective of the Agreement with Leonardo is to combat early school leaving starting from a high-risk area such as that of the X Municipality. The collaboration provides for the establishment of a specific training course for the students who will attend the course, aimed at the placement of the most deserving ones in Leonardo's workplace once the course of study, which will last 3/4 years, has finished. According to Leonardo's CEO, Roberto Cingolani, the company is committed to strengthening collaboration with the education system, which is essential for the development of future professionals. Leonardo is pleased to put its skills at the service of the Metropolitan City of Rome with this project, through which the company acts as a technological and innovation engine for the country.

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06/13/2023 12:25

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