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ISA launches first ever OT Cybersecurity Summit in Scotland

International experts gather to discuss standards and innovations in the safety of operational technologies

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Aberdeen, Scotland has been selected as the launching point for the International Society for Automation's (ISA) Operational Technologies (OT) Cybersecurity Summit. This choice was motivated by the city's strategic position in the energy sector. After spending two days on cybersecurity training, the ISA organized a two-day conference program at the Ardoe House Hotel & Spa in Aberdeen. The conference featured a number of keynote speakers, including Cheri Caddy, deputy director in the US Office of the National Director of Cybersecurity, and Megan Samford, VP and lead energy product security at Schneider Electric.

Discussion and presentations

Industry experts from the United States and the United Kingdom presented concrete applications of the ISA/IEC 62443 standard, the only consensus-based cybersecurity standard for automation and control systems worldwide. This summit brought together delegates, both physically present and connected online, and provided an opportunity for operators, utilities, regulators and equipment suppliers to meet face-to-face, questioning the importance for their respective chains of supply and identifying possible vulnerabilities.

Results and future prospects

Claire Fallon, Executive Director of the ISA, commented positively on the success of the event, noting that the turnout of over 120 delegates, both in person and online, at the first UK event of its kind, demonstrates the existing interest in learning and networking opportunities focused on cybersecurity in operational technologies environments. Claire also announced the organization of two additional ISA events for 2023 in the United States and Australia, which will cover digital transformation, cybersecurity and other cutting edge topics in the field of automation, and expressed the willingness of the ISA to return in the UK in the future to continue sharing knowledge and promoting cybersecurity practices for standards-based OT.

Who is the International Society of Automation (ISA)?

ISA is a non-profit professional association of engineers, technicians and managers involved in industrial automation. As a provider of globally trusted standards-based technical resources to the profession, ISA is committed to building a better world through automation. During the event, several notable figures were recognized, including Steve Mustard, ISA Treasurer and ISA OT Cybersecurity Summit Conference Committee Chair; Cheri Caddy, Deputy National Director for Cybersecurity at the White House; Megan Samford, Vice President and Head of Energy Product Safety at Schneider Electric; and Dr David Cameron, Lord Provost of Aberdeen.

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06/12/2023 22:45

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