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IT security: Rome welcomes the SMI open day

The importance of cybercrime prevention: experts and industry leaders discuss strategies and technologies for greater data protection

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In an increasingly digitized society, information security is a fundamental aspect. In 2022, a worrying increase in cybercrime reports was recorded: more than 22,000 in Milan, over 20,000 in Rome, more than 16,000 in Turin and 15,000 in Naples. In the face of this growing threat, it is of paramount importance to actively address and combat the problem.

Rome was the venue for the SMI Open Day, an event dedicated to comparison and discussion on the subject of IT security. The meeting, organized by SMI Technologies and Consulting, saw the participation of representatives of the main companies in the Information Technology and Communications (ITC) sector.

The central topics of the event were zero trust and multi-cloud strategies, XRD systems, multi-cloud backup and embedded technologies. The goal was to ensure greater efficiency and operational stability. In an era of growing digitization, innovation and service integration are crucial issues. Among the participants in the event, Cesare Pizzuto, CEO of SMI, spoke on stage; Stefano Tiburzi, COO of SMI; Michele Festuccia, senior systems engineer manager at Cisco, among others. The event was moderated by the journalist Marco Lorusso.

The debate highlighted the fundamentals of preventing attacks, optimizing the operation of hardware and software, and protecting data through continuous backups and multi-cloud archiving. While innovation is a priority, it is essential to select the technology that best meets the specific needs of the company.

Entrepreneurs express a growing need for sophisticated security systems, which include multi-factor identity checks, to ensure business continuity and information exchange, as well as the integration of data from different sources.

Cesare Pizzuto, CEO of SMI, expressed great satisfaction with the progress of the event. The Open Day represented an opportunity to bring together supply and demand in the field of information security. Companies were able to present their vision on data security and management, offering answers to specific problems and integrating their solutions and services.

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05/27/2023 18:44

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