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Webinar on digital excellence for SMEs: strategies and cybersecurity

Learn how to manage a competitive and secure digital presence with the Punto Impresa Digitale webinar

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Digital is now a fundamental component for the success of any company, and this is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses. To help SMEs understand the importance of digital and how to use it effectively, the Chamber's Punto Impresa Digitale has organized a series of workshops called Eccellenze in Digitale. The first scheduled appointment will be a webinar entitled "The importance of remaining digitally competitive: resources for digital assessment and cybersecurity". This webinar will take place next Thursday at 3:00pm and will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn more about how to build and manage a robust digital presence.

Formulation of the digital strategy of SMEs

The main part of the webinar will concern the formulation of the digital strategy for SMEs. Thanks to the help of experts in the digital field, participants will be guided through all the fundamental steps to create a successful digital strategy. In addition, free tools will be presented that can be used to verify the effectiveness of one's digital strategy. This webinar will be particularly useful for SMEs that have just started entering the digital market, but also for those that are already online and want to improve and optimize their digital business.

Use of digital assessment and cybersecurity

Another important aspect addressed in the webinar will be the use of digital assessment and cybersecurity. All the resources necessary for verifying the effectiveness of one's digital protection and reducing the risk of cyber attacks will be presented. Various tools available to companies will be presented, which can be used to test their level of security and identify any vulnerabilities. This will be a particularly important section for SMEs, which often lack access to the resources and technical knowledge needed to protect their data and digital presence.

Free participation and contacts

The webinar will be completely free, but for organizational reasons it is necessary to register by June 14, 2023 at this address . Participants will receive a link to access the virtual room a few days before the event. For further information, it is possible to contact the Punto Impresa Digitale at the e-mail address or the Special Company in Central Italy at the e-mail address . It will also be possible to follow the event on the social channels of the event promoters to stay updated on the news regarding the series of Eccellenze in Digitale workshops.


The webinar "The importance of remaining digitally competitive: resources for digital assessment and cybersecurity" is an excellent opportunity for SMEs to learn all the information necessary to manage a competitive and secure digital presence. Thanks to the help of industry experts, participants will be able to understand the basis for creating and managing a winning digital strategy and discover all the free tools available to them to verify their digital presence. In addition, all the tools necessary to identify any online vulnerabilities and protect your data will be presented. Thanks to the support of the Digital Enterprise Point of the Chamber and of the Special Central Italy Company, this webinar is an unmissable opportunity for all SMEs that want to remain competitive in digital.

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06/10/2023 18:26

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